Shop Now: Benefit to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

We have all been touched by the devastation caused by Super Storm Sandy.  I know many people that I work with daily who live in New York and surrounding areas.  I watched my Twitter feed and my inbox become silent of east coast friends.  I saw the news images of the massive amounts of damage.  […]

Helping One Mom At A Time…

Today is the kick-off of our fundraiser to help a mom and daughter escape the grips of an abusive man. You can read their story here: Help A Mom And Child Break Free From Abuse. This week has already been a rollercoaster of emotions while getting this organized.  I’ve had others share with me their […]

Help A Mom And Child Break Free From Abuse

Now turning to something much more serious than makeup and fabulous shoes… The following story is from a fellow mom who is in need of help.  I went to high school with her and reconnected a couple of years ago, just before she took steps to help herself and her daughter out of an abusive […]