Fall Trend: Mixing Patterns

Mixed patterns from T.J. Maxx

Who doesn’t love to mix it up a bit when it comes to life? New talents, new route home, new recipe, new friends…it all adds excitement to our days! Without change and challenge, we would become very boring, indeed.Like life, fashion is more exciting when you mix it up! This fall, go a little out […]

Hot For Fall: Peplum


What is Peplum? A peplum is a skirted flounce that is attached to the waistline of a dress, shirt, top or jacket. It returned to the racks of most fashion retailers this year and I’m sure you’ve seen it being worn off the runway. I recently purchased a sleeveless peplum sweater in a gorgeous pumpkin […]

Fall Transition: Wrap It Up

Fraas Wrap from fraas.com

When there is a chill in the air, like at the beach, bring along a wrap! This is the easiest, most chic way to cozy up! So much more stylish than a hoodie, right?! I positively love this Fraas Wrap! The knit is dense, the fabric is soft (it doesn’t itch, I promise!) and the […]

Fall For Fall: 40% Off At bebe


The land of tiny clothes and giant accessories (Va-voom!) is having a great sale…40% off at bebe. There are several great pieces you can incorporate into your fall wardrobe: The outfit these pieces create is so cute! Each item can be paired with other wardrobe pieces to create new looks, be dressed up or brought […]

Instant Autumn: 5 Makeup Trends for Fall

Gwen Stefani, Sept 16, 2010

The start of a new season brings an excitement for switching out your wardrobe! Who doesn’t love to tuck away the sandals in exchange for a fabulous pair of boots? Layers? Yes please! While you are making the seasonal switch to more cozy fashions, don’t forget about the switch in makeup! You may need a […]