Beat the Stress: 10 Tips to Bring Your Life Back Into Balance

Part of being your most beautiful self is being less stressed! You can’t look your best with a furrowed brow and a frown. People can see stress written on your face! Take time daily to center yourself, breath deep and be calm. Here are a variety of ways you can center yourself, get inspired and […]

9 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Unprofessional

A business must be run on professionalism. When you own a business, it is you that represents your brand. There is no avoiding the fact that when you work for yourself, you are the face of the company. While you may not be in a magazine ad or having face to face meetings with clients, […]

Rethinking Business Style

I was at a business meeting a couple of weeks ago with a hot little laptop bag that sparkled and shined. Not a boring bag by any means. Another attendee commented that my bag caused her to rethink briefcases. I was happy to have had a positive impact on someone’s style in such a simple […]

This Is So Simple, Yet Life Changing…

Hey Girls! I know a lot of you are brilliant moms who have created your own business. I know you work hard, late into the night, juggling family and business. It’s tricky to accomplish it all but you are motivated and passionate about family and business, determined to make it all work! You’re hearing a […]