Exclusive: Style and Success Tips from Sarah Silva, Founder of Cute Little Babes

Your Name: Sarah Silva Your Business: Cutelittlebabes Brief Description of Your Business: Cool clothes for cook Kids- Comfortable clothes but yet stylish to always have your little one looking fly What was your inspiration to start your business?   My little guy, Isaac What has been your biggest business challenge and how did you overcome it? […]

What to Wear in Your Business Videos

When creating your informational videos for your business, it’s just you and your camera ( and maybe a camera operator). You may be tempted to not give your outfit a second thought before hitting record but you need to. When you post a video online, it is representing you and your brand. Instead, take a […]

The Secret to Standing Out and Looking Like a Leader

The secret to standing out and looking like a leader is your personal style. Personal style is more than just the clothing hanging in your closet. It includes your personal appearance, non-verbal communication and mindset. It is a reflection of your inner confidence and is how you present yourself to the world. Don’t stop reading. […]

Make More Money on Your Blog

Are you a blogger who is tired of working long hours creating free content and making little money? Taking your blog beyond free content into a profit making machine is possible if you treat it like a real business instead of a hobby.  (I’ll explain how below) A little extra cash to help pay some […]

What To Pack For Business Trips

Traveling for business often means a short trip with only one or two overnight stays. Whether you are an entrepreneur or corporate jet-setter, it can be challenging to pack as much as you can into a carry-on (because who wants to deal with checking bags??). You want options without over packing. I used to travel […]