empower women


Join Avon in Empowering Women and Eradicating Domestic Violence

“By the time you finish reading this sentence, another woman will become a victim of domestic violence.”

Join Avon in their global mission to empower women and put a stop to domestic violence.  Avon’s Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program puts out some staggering numbers:

  • One in 3 women, worldwide, will be a victim of domestic violence-physical, sexual, emotional abuse- at least once in her life.
  • In the U.S., a woman is battered every 9 seconds
  • More than 3 women are murdered every day by their husbands or boyfriends
  • More than ten million children watch this abuse and often carry the violence into their adult relationships

“Behind every impersonal statistic is a real woman who needs empowerment.”

Do the numbers make your stomach turn?  Do you feel compassion for the victims?  Do you feel enough emotion to do something to help?  Avon has made it very simple for you to get involved.