earth day


Be A Water Warrior

Given that it’s Earth Day on Friday, we all are reminded to do our part to purchase wisely, consume less, recycle more and support companies that are making a difference in the world.  One such company is Aveda. Aveda is hosting a campaign called “Be a Water Warrior” during the…

It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Skin!

As a pioneer in environmentally-friendly cosmetic and bath and body care products that are affordable, effective, and eco-fabulous, EcoTOOLS makes it simple to green your beauty routine without sacrifice; all you need are the right tools!

With more skin to show as the weather warms, try eco-friendly essentials to spring clean your skin! You can gently remove impurities, revealing fresh, clean skin without being over-drying or harsh to you or the planet with Clean Skin, Cleaner World Body Wash; get your feet ready for summer with LOVE HEELS ALL Intensive Heel Cream; or help your dry hands heel after a long winter with ONE HAND HELPS THE OTHER Intensive Hand Cream!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


My cupboard is full of plastic grocery bags, how about yours?  I argue that I reuse them for trash cans, toting wet swim suits and toys to the park but really, it’s getting ridiculous the amount spilling over in my cupboard!

I live in California and my town is actually considering charging 25 cents per plastic bag to deter shoppers from using them!  Guess I better jump on the reusable grocery bag bandwagon along with the rest of you earth wise shoppers!