Fall Transition: Long Cardigan and Shorts

I’m really having fun with the fall transition! I’m scolding the temperatures when they rise over 85 degrees (95 degrees today…) because I want to wear sweaters and boots! Here is an outfit I wore on a mid-80’s day, the sweater came off when as the sun rose higher in the sky. The details: Cardigan- […]

How To Have Instant Style

Let’s make a statement! Wowsa, what a gorgeous necklace!  Add a vintage, romantic feel to the most basic of outfits with this beauty!  I’m pretty sure my daughter would borrow this and never give it back. Yes, she is 6 but she does have quite a sense of style…she’d probably wear it with her favorite […]

How to Ruin Your Beautiful New Hairstyle!

We’ve all done it!  We’ve come home from the salon with a great new hairstyle that we love only to wash it, style it and hate it. Why is it so easy for the stylist to make hair look great and we (speaking for myself and I know I’m not alone!) fail miserably?  Simple.  We […]

Gorgeous Discounted Jewelry

Don’t you love a bargain on beautiful pieces you know you’ll wear often? In fact, you’d pay more to own them but lucking out and getting them at a discount makes them all the more charming! I purchased two gorgeous pieces from the Carol Tuttle Sale, not wanting to miss out on the savings (everything […]

Give The Gift Of A Different Kind Of Beauty: The Very Best Of You

Give the gift of beauty this Christmas. I’m not talking skin care, makeup or fashion but the gift of knowledge to learn to become one’s own Beauty Expert; a “You Can Do This Too” makeover! Finally, there is a beauty book and course that actually helps you be the person you truly are and because […]