Must-Have: Structured Satchel for Fall (+ enter to win)

nicole satchel from Shop Suey Boutique

Summer is about laid-back style. Slouchy and easy going. Fall switches it up to be much more structured. Your handbag style should reflect the mood of the season.  Are you prepared to switch out your summer handbag for a new fall look? This Nicole Satchel from Shop Suey Boutique is crazy beautiful and perfect for […]

Efficient In-store Shopping Experience: There’s an App For That!


It’s always better to shop and find clothes as unique as you are. It’s better, but not always easy. Until now. Many women that I speak with don’t love shopping.  I am 100% sure that 90% of them would actually LOVE shopping if the frustration of finding what you want was less time consuming.  I […]

Must-See Makeover: Drab to Fab Compliments of Joico Hair Care Products (+ enter to win)

Drab to Fab Joico Hair Makeover

Who loves a fabulous makeover? I DO! Is your hand raised too? Seriously, it is such a joy to see a woman go from average to stunning with a great hair makeover! Hairstyle and color makes such an impact on how you look! Watch this Drab to Fab Hair Webisode from Joico Hair Care Products […]

WOW Every Mom (+ enter to win)

Yay! Great skin!

One of my favorite features of a good hotel room is a lighted magnifying mirror. I have the BEST brow cleaning sessions with those mirrors because I can see all the fine hairs that I miss with a normal mirror! It’s not a product I have felt the need to spend the money on but […]

Enter to Win: A Trip to NYC and A Hair Makeover by Beth Minardi


Win a trip to NYC and a makeover with celebrity hair colorist Beth Minardi! NYC colorist Beth Minardi is sought after by the biggest names in Hollywood, and now you have a chance to get your hair done by her too! Daily Makeover is holding a contest on Facebook until April 30, 2012, 11:59PM EST! […]