What Powers Your Life?

What are you powered by? What makes your life worth living? What inspires you to get out of bed each day? For me, it is my family. Sounds like a typical thing for a mom to say, I know, but it really become clear to me this year when both my kids went back into […]

Yes! Really Comfortable Heels Exist!

Have you struggled to find heels that are actually comfortable? I know, it’s almost silly to use “Heels” and “Comfortable” in the same sentence but Rockport has made it happen! Introducing the Seven to 7 High Plain Pump. The classic style of these pumps makes them extremely versatile! Styled for work or after hours, you’ll […]

OhLaLa…Très Chic! Low Heels From Scarpasa

Women can’t always where HIGH heels…in fact, I bet if you ask most they’d say they prefer a lower heel. Ask those running around at NY Fashion Week this week and Fashion’s Night Out tonight and I can guarantee they’d choose a flat or low heel to hit the shows!  If they didn’t and are […]