Closet Makeover with Jill Martin

When you can’t see what you have, you can’t wear it! I run into this problem from time to time when my closet gets out of control. A couple of times a year, I go through it, purging and straightening. It feels so good to walk into a clutter-free closet and know exactly what my […]

14 Days To An Organized Closet

What is your biggest wardrobe complaint? That you have nothing to wear, right? I know, I hear you. Thousands of other women feel that way too! So, why do we have nothing to wear when our closet is full? Simple, it’s too unorganized to find anything! Michele Connolly has a solution. She has a program […]

Beautiful Change Challenge: My Closet

Given that it’s spring, I’m thinking it’s time to do something about this: Scary, isn’t it? It’s my closet and it’s in need of some attention! There are two huge disadvantages things to having my closet in this kind of shape: I forget which cute shoes I have! Literally! I came across a pair of […]