How The Fashion World Has Failed You

“The fashion world, with its constantly changing trends and styles, has failed you. Beauty isn’t found on a runway or on the pages of a magazine. It resides in you!” ~Carol Tuttle Learn the 7 Fashion and Beauty Myths so you can… * Express your beauty instead of diminishing it… * Feel a sense of […]

How to Ruin Your Beautiful New Hairstyle!

We’ve all done it!  We’ve come home from the salon with a great new hairstyle that we love only to wash it, style it and hate it. Why is it so easy for the stylist to make hair look great and we (speaking for myself and I know I’m not alone!) fail miserably?  Simple.  We […]

Gorgeous Discounted Jewelry

Don’t you love a bargain on beautiful pieces you know you’ll wear often? In fact, you’d pay more to own them but lucking out and getting them at a discount makes them all the more charming! I purchased two gorgeous pieces from the Carol Tuttle Sale, not wanting to miss out on the savings (everything […]

The Carol Sale: It’s Life Changing

I am so excited to share something that has been life changing for me. It is a program called Beauty Profiling and Dressing Your Truth. I encourage you to check it and see if it is something you are interested in. Right now everything is 30% – 75% off! All of Carol Tuttle’s products are […]

Dressing Your Truth for the Holidays! Beyond the “Little Black Dress”

As the holiday season rolls around, there is one fashion myth that needs to be busted. It is tradition that every woman own- and wear- a little black dress (LBD), especially during the holiday season. Guest contributor, Carol Tuttle, puts this myth to rest: In my 4 Types Beautiful Profile system I teach that not […]