Accessorizing To Fit Your Style Personality

What is your bracelet style?

Don’t just toss on any old bracelet! Your wrist candy should compliment your personal style. Instead of shopping trends, shop what is right for your style! Have you ever worn a bracelet that just drives you crazy all day long? Either it is too chunky for your taste or it feels too youthful for your […]

Making Casual Special

Maggie Satchel (ShopSueyBoutique) & Ribbon Bracelets (Twisted Silver)

Today I share 2 of my favorite accessories from 2 of my favorite retailers: Shop Suey Boutique and Twisted Silver!  Their designs know how to make casual special!  I’m always up for bringing my jeans and tee up a notch! First, the handbag is the Maggie Satchel from Shop Suey Boutique.  On the smaller side […]