Beautiful Change Challenge: Body


News Flash! Your daily workout doesn’t have to be complicated or long! The good new is, you can see results without leaving your home and in 30 minutes or less! I know you are busy juggling kids, your at-home business, your blog, social media and real life relationships! I also know that you’d love to […]

Secrets To Get Your Body Ready For Summer Fashion

Get your body ready for summer fashion!

13 Weeks til Summer! Are we ready for Summer Fashions? I know, I too was shocked when I realized summer is a measly 13 weeks away!  No more hiding behind the layers of winter fashions!  Even if we could avoid the whole swim suit issue, there’s the right to bare arms!  We’re talking sleeveless shirts, […]

Every Meal Counts

Fit Mom  Rachel

Greetings Mom in Red High Heels’ readers! I’m thrilled to be back writing for Tammy again as we’ve been friends for a LONG time! She is directly responsible for getting me on a bike back in college and that has since changed me into the athlete I am today. I am now a 39 year […]