Kim Kardashian: Platinum Blonde Makeover

Love it or hate it, Kim is a very dark brunette who has gone drastically blonde…Jordana Lorraine tells us how she would have done it!

Kim Kardashian Goes…Even Blonder?!

Kim Kardashian is officially blonder than Bake Lively, Kate Hudson, or even an Olsen twin.

Kim Kardashian Tries Going Blonde Again…

Kim’s most recent makeover took five hours and included a base lift and two full highlights, according to her stylist, and I spy some telltale signs of hair extensions as well.

Emma Roberts’ Hair Makeover

Neutrogena spokesmodel, Emma Roberts, recently did 2 very important things: 1) she left a personal message for you and 2) she changed up her hair in a big way! On July 13, Emma reportedly paid a visit to the Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood where colorist Seama Eftekhari and salon co-owners Nikki Lee […]

Nicole Richie Returns to Blonde…Again

Nicole has had enough of the dark days- she has returned to blonde.  Maybe she missed the memo that men are digging the dark hair ladies these days?  At any rate, I like her hair blonde and shorter.  Do you? To duplicate her style, follow these instructions from Daily Makeover: Nicole Richie vamps it up […]