Get Inspired By Gwen Stefani


This post is brought to you by Toyota Corolla (click the logo and check out the GORGEOUS Barcelona Red Metallic Corolla…it would look FAB with my red heels!): Moving from pop icon to mom to fashion diva, Gwen Stefani is one to admire! Gwen exudes confidence in a way that we all should! With her […]

I Am Curious!


I’m curious…about YOU! I want to know more about you! Specifically, I want to understand your beauty and fashion habits, needs and budget. Will you help tame my curiosity? I’m currently running a short, 10 question, survey and would LOVE your input! Your answers will help me provide content and resources that answer your questions, […]

PSA: The Best Beauty Tool

A Mom in Red High Heels wants you to drink more water

Drink more water. It’s good for your health and your skin!  Used by models, celebrities and athletes, this beauty tool is not exclusive and is very affordable!  Available to the masses, this beauty tool is pure, natural and delicious.  The benefits are amazing!  You’ll notice clearer skin, increased energy and brain power as well as […]

4 Steps To Younger Looking Skin

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I’m not going to lie… looking at my reflection is getting hard to face.  Aging is my biggest skin care concern!  I see the wrinkles from way too much sun as a youth. I see the discoloration of way too much sun as a youth. Makes me wish I could take back the attempts at […]

Make Your Eye Color Pop

Olivia Wilde

Embrace your gorgeous eyes even if they are not a stunning blue, deep, golden brown or a shade of green the rest of the world will envy! Even if you have an in-between eye color or your eye color looks as if it completely changes depending on what you’re wearing, you can make them pop […]