Hairstyle How-To: Effortless Waves

I’m always looking for new ways to wear my hair down. I usually have it in a soft wave but I’ve never done it quite like this video recommends so I gave it a try. The result is effortless waves! They are so easy to create and I love that the look is a bit […]

Steps To Happier Skin

What does your skin say about you?  Does it say you are well rested, diligent with your SPF and hydrated? Or, not? Your skin is such a tattle-tale.  It won’t let you lie about how healthy you are nor how well you take care of yourself.  But, you can treat it well and reverse some […]

Final Day: Anti-Abuse Fundraiser (You Can Make A Difference!)

This is Miranda and Adessa.  Both are beautiful pieces that can make your wardrobe look amazing and ready for spring.  They are available at This is also Miranda and Adessa.  Both are beautiful people who have a lot of love in their hearts.  And a lot of heartbreak.  They’ve been abused and they are […]