How to Camouflage Bad Bangs

bad bangs

Bangs are an issue that many of us have struggled with at different times in our lives. What about if they come out too short or chunky?

Lash-Skimming Fringe

jessica alba wears a bob

“I wanted to go shorter, but I don’t have the courage to go as short as I want – so this is like a happy medium. I can still throw it in a pony tail.” Jessica Alba I feel you Jessica.  I chickened out on the shorter textured bob you all voted on last week.  […]

Bangs, Better Than Botox


If you need to hide the signs of a furrowed brow, cut some bangs!  Bangs can hide signs of aging and create a more youthful appearance.  In her latest edition of How Not To Look Old, Charla Krupp suggests that “once you reach a certain age, you look better with bangs.  Almost everybody does.” Krupp […]

Kate Hudson’s Hair in Bride Wars


Kate Hudson received a ton of attention when she cut her bangs for the role of Liv in the movie Bride Wars! You can achieve this look by asking your stylist for a heavy bang across your forehead.  The bang should fall just below the brow and you will need to have them trimmed every […]