Refresh Your Wardrobe with Fall Florals

Fall Floral skirt from ThredUp

Have you been keeping an eye out for fall fashions that you can add to your wardrobe? I have because you know what they say, when you are looking for something specific to buy, you won’t find it. So, when I decided that this fall I would embrace fall florals, I found a great one […]

FABulous First Day of School Style


Wondering what to dress your child in on the first day of school? Your child’s appearance is a reflection of you, you know. Despite her/his personal style, the bottom line is what they are allowed to wear and how clean they are is your responsibility. While you may never get your son to wear the […]

How Healthy Is The Water That You Drink? (+ giveaway)

How healthy is the water you drink?

Your body is 70% water! You must replenish the water lost from your body every day by drinking more water. The habit of drinking plenty of water will help you maintain a healthier body, your skin will glow, your energy will increase and your thirst will disappear. What kind of water you drink matters. Unfortunately, […]

The Coolest Kid on Campus


What does your child have planned for her/his first day of school outfit? Still need to do some back-to-school shopping? Log on to for Back-to-Cool styles from aeropostale! Current trends include Brit Beat and Go West. You can load up on basics tees and jeans that are full of personality, just like your cool […]

kajeet Back to School Cell Phones for Kids!

kajeet cell phone for kids

School has begun. New backpacks, clothes and school supplies have been purchased.  Mornings are crazy once again, evenings are frantic trying to wrap up homework, dinner and bedtime in a short time.  (Whew, I’m so glad I’m not a part of that craziness! We homeschool so no evening homework!). This year my son started Jr. […]