Beautiful Change Challenge: Body

News Flash! Your daily workout doesn’t have to be complicated or long! The good new is, you can see results without leaving your home and in 30 minutes or less! I know you are busy juggling kids, your at-home business, your blog, social media and real life relationships! I also know that you’d love to […]

Beautiful Change Challenge: Spirit & Mind

I’ve been listening to and reading lots of business material since I hired my business coach. One reoccurring theme that I’m finding in the message is to surround myself with positive talk. Having positive self-talk is the most important thing I can do for myself because if I don’t believe I can create, nurture and […]

Beautiful Change Challenge: My Closet

Given that it’s spring, I’m thinking it’s time to do something about this: Scary, isn’t it? It’s my closet and it’s in need of some attention! There are two huge disadvantages things to having my closet in this kind of shape: I forget which cute shoes I have! Literally! I came across a pair of […]

Beautiful Change Challenge: Beauty Routine

In honor of Earth Hour, my kids and the babysitter turned out the lights for an hour on Saturday night (hubby and I were on a date…).  I am so inspired by my kids and their willingness to make changes that matter. Turning out the lights is such a simple, positive step toward a healthier […]

How To Combat Sun Damage

More excellent skin care tips from Dr. Jessica Wu, author of Feed Your Face. Dr. Wu has partnered with Aveeno to help us keep our skin looking youthful and fabulous. Find out, in the following video, what Dr. Wu suggests we eat to help with existing sun damage: Aveeno Presents – Dr. Jessica Wu Tips […]