The Formula for Healthy Skin

To have healthy skin, follow this formula: one part healthy foods and drinks one part quality skin care products Your skin will not be it’s healthiest and look it’s best if one part or the other is neglected. Let’s look at what you put into your body… For optimal skin health, you want to eat […]

How To Do A Day At The Park…In Style

Daily style deserves a punch of personality! While many times we live in our jeans as moms, you can add to the look with a great top and amazing jewelry! If activity permits, heels are a must to take your style to the next level! Going to the park with your kids doesn’t mean you […]

Support A Mom: Shop Her Biz

Wow, I can’t believe that Christmas was only a month ago.  Seems like ages ago!  How has your 2011 started?  Ours was full of illness, urgent care visits, hospital visits, the start of homeschool for our oldest child in addition to our youngest…yep, it’s been an eventful year thus far!  So, here we are, almost […]

Looking for a Mini-Facelift? NutriMinC RE9 REversing Gelee Delivers!

Reader Review: NutriMinC RE9 REversing Gelee promises to be a ‘mini face-lift’ and I can honestly say “It is!”. At first I was skeptical, but given that I am prone to be ‘jowly’ I tried it with a ‘can’t hurt, might help’ attitude. I applied after cleansing and toning, and waited the recommended 4-5 minutes […]