Fighting the Fine Lines


People say, “Be proud of your lines and wrinkles, they tell a story.” I say, “NO WAY! I am fighting those bad boys!” Do you have fine lines on your face too?  If you agree that diminishing the look of fine lines is in your favor, then set your eyes on the anti-aging battle partner:  Elizabeth […]

Inner Beauty Is Great But Fabulous Skin Care Never Hurts

healthy skin

Many women want to indulge themselves and say that how they look doesn’t matter. Truth is, it does matter. If you are living in the same world I am, your outer appearance counts. Is it the most important thing? Of course not. Does it benefit your relationships, self-confidence and bottom-line? Yes, it does. If you […]

Age-Defying Tools


Ah, aging. Such a bittersweet process. On one hand, aging gives you wisdom and a clearer sense of self. On the other hand, just as you start to really feel confident in who you are as a person, you start to notice the physical signs of aging and your confidence falters again. Wrinkles, loss of […]

Beautiful Change Challenge: Grocery List


WARNING! The following content may scare you… Eating too much animal protein actually strips our body of beauty, because digestion of protein produces toxins in the body. Because it takes so long to (digest meat) in that hot environment (the long intestine), it can start to putrefy, or in other words, rot, causing unhealthy bacterial […]

See Results: StriVectin Virtual Anti-Aging Results Tool

StriVectin makeover tool- after2wks

Don’t you love the fun makeover tools that Daily Makeover and other beauty websites have that allow you to upload your photo and “try on” hair and makeup?  StriVectin, the skin care company who puts out an amazing line-up of anti-aging products, has come out with a virtual makeover tool themselves- one that helps you […]