Proactiv + Skin Care Is The Perfect Holiday Gift for Yourself or Another (+ enter to win)

Proactiv+ 3-Step System (2)

The best gifts are those that pamper and beautify…at least in my opinion! Who doesn’t love to benefit long-term from a single gift?While it may not seem like skin care is as exciting as something that sparkles and shines, it is. Here’s why: When your skin is glowing, healthy and clear, you feel more beautiful. […]

Dairy-Rich Diet May Contribute To Acne


Do you believe that foods can cause acne or other skin problems? Doctors have claimed for years that what you eat does not impact your skin’s health. I think we all know that is wrong. Food impacts a lot. It impacts our emotions, our energy, our weight, our entertainment and yes, our skin. I’m happy […]

How To Go On Living With Zits


Did you know that pimples can cause low self-esteem, social withdrawal and depression? They cause people to think, “I hate the way I look”. They cause anguish in the lives of people everyday. They make us feel self-conscious and embarrassed. They are the bullies that make us want to stay home from life. That’s a […]