Summer is just around the corner, believe it or not! That means it’s time to stock up on summer basics like sun glasses, sun screen and hats!

Hats are the best summer accessory! Hats provide personal style plus sun protection for your hair and face. Don’t pass up this classic summer accessory, shop now for your favorite look!

Summer's Best Accessory

Key things to look for when shopping for your new summer topper:

  1. Does it shade your face, scalp and ears?  The point of a summer hat is to provide sun protection (and yes, to look cute!)
  2. Is the fabric breathable?  Hats can be hot so fabric type is important! Look for linen or straw for optimal cooling.
  3. Does it reflect your personal style? If you feel goofy wearing a floppy hat, skip it and opt for a stylish fedora or cap style hat.
  4. Does the price fit your budget? Great hat styles can be found from $10 on up!
  5. Does it fit? A hat that is too tight will leave you with a headache.  A hat that is too loose will blow away with the slightest cooling breeze.

Don’t feel intimidated by hats, there is a look for everyone! Once you find a style or two that you like, wear them often and before you know it, you’ll be a “hat person” and have a new fun accessory to work into your wardrobe all year round!

Which hat style is your favorite?  Love one that you see on this post? Visit to learn more about the hat and where to purchase.


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