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Lace is beautiful fabric that is both elegant and romantic but has received the reputation of being ultra-feminine.  The good news is, if you are not a girly-girl, you can still wear lace! No need to breakout singing a love song as you glide across a field of wildflowers. Lace can be be edgy, sophisticated, earthy, feminine and artistic! And no, you won’t be reminded of your grandmother’s doily! No matter what your style personality is, there is a lace dress for you this summer!  Bonus: all of the dresses shown below are below $100!

Artistically Posh:  Artistically Posh women are lively, non-conformist who love to wear bold colors, textures and prints so white isn’t found in her wardrobe very often. However, this Flare Sleeve Lace Mini Dress offers a couple of great details that fit the style personality of an Artistically Posh woman: the flare sleeve is dramatic, the teardrop open back is statement making and the mixed media fabric is creative.

Artistically Posh Flare Sleeve Lace Dress |

Modern Sophisticate: Simple. Beautiful. This lace sheath dress is classy and sexy in an understated way. These qualities make a Modern Sophisticate style personality feel like a million dollars!

Modern Sophisticate White Lace Dress |

Edgy Elegance: The look of this Graphic Geo Lace dress is sexy, sultry and definitely not frumpy!  You expect something black in every Edgy Elegance outfit so the dark lining under this geo-lace overlay is just enough darkness to make the Edgy Elegance style personality feel comfortable!

edgy elegance white lace dress |

Polished Ladylike: Sweet, sweet, sweet! This cute little dress is so versatile, it can be worn with heels or flats for a dressed up or casual look. Your call! Bonus: currently 40% off with code VACAY. Shop now!

Polished ladylike white lace dress |

Showstopper: Glam to the max! A little bit of skin, a fitted bodice and mixed lace patterns give this dress a ton of personality, just like a Showstopper woman! Go to to see the back detail. So pretty!

Showstopper mixed lace dress|

Boho Chic: Flowy and feminine is key for boho chic style. layer on the jewelry and hat for a casual affair; strap on some chunky heels for a more dressed up look. This lace smock dress will be a staple in any Boho Chic’s wardrobe!

boho chic white lace dress |

Every woman should own a white lace dress for summer. The look is classy and versatile. Wear it to a nice dinner with your husband, a Sunday brunch with your Grandma or to your child’s graduation (just avoid wearing it to any summer weddings)! Let your personality shine in whatever you choose to wear, no matter what style personality you are. Embrace your style and rock it!

Love, Tammy

Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

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