Summer Hair: Wrap It Up!

When it’s 100+ degrees outside, you need a hairstyle that is simple and cool. Don’t neglect your style because the heat has you down! Instead where an eye-catching style like this casual bun paired with a bright scarf!

Make a chic bun extra beachy with a cute, colorful headscarf, and add some personality with the print of your choice. New York City-based celebrity hairstylist Kyra Dorman tells us how to get this beach bun in five easy steps:

1. Using a teasing comb, gently tease your hair around the frame of your face and neckline.
2. With your hands, pull your hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic.
3. Hold your pony straight up from your head and backcomb the ponytail.
4. Take your teased ponytail, and twist it loosely until you’ve created a bun. Secure with pins and an extra elastic if needed.
5. Wrap a scarf around your head so that the two ends meet at the top of your head, and tie in a bow. Secure with hairpins if the scarf feels loose around your head.

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