Happy Summer!  We can officially say it’s time to bring out the swim suit!  Finding a swim suit can be stressful so here are some tips to help you when shopping for this summer’s look:

  1. Shop on a satisfied tummy.  It is best if you eat an hour earlier so you don’t feel “I-just-ate- full” and look bloated (it will not be good for your self esteem).  You make hasty decisions when you are hungry and will end up buying something less than perfect.
  2. Before trying on suits, while in the fitting room, do some quick exercises: arm dips on the bench, lunges and calf raises.  While we understand this is not going to make us instantly slim and swim suit ready, it will tighten the muscles so they look firmer and you’ll feel good about doing something good for your body.  (Generally, when women try on clothing in an ugly, terribly lit fitting room, they are very cruel to themselves about their body shape.  You can avoid this by doing something nice for your body and feeling good about it before your fitting session begins.)
  3. Go where the suits are.  Shop a mall with several store options and at least one big department store so you have a wide selection to choose from. If you are in Southern California, Victoria Gardens is an awesome place to shop.  That’s where I bought my suit!
  4. Shop for your body type. This step alone will save you a TON of time and disappointment.  Check out these body type recommendations to help you get started picking a fabulous new suit for summer:

Case in point:

Same model but completely different look. In the picture marked “OK Fit,” the model is in a bikini that covers less on top and bottom. While she has a beautiful shape, this suit makes her bottom half look larger than the top. The ideal suit will give your body balance. In the image marked “Better Fit,” she is wearing a halter top, creating the illusion of a wider top. The bottom has a higher waist and has some great ruched detail plus buttons on the hips, visually creating a bottom half that is proportionate to the top.

On this model, the OK Fit leaves her bottom half looking larger than her top half because of the thin straps on the top and all the bow/string detail on the hips. The Better Fit has wider straps, ruffle detail on the chest and a thigh skimming skirt that slims the hips.

Soft Tummy (new moms!)

A bottom with extra coverage adds tummy control:


Aone-piece with patterns adds camouflage. Ruched details helps as well!


With a little extra hold, Spanx helps hold you in for a slimming look:

A bandini with loose fabric around the tummy is so stylish and great camouflage:

Small Chest

Add volume to your top half with prints and bows:



Large Chest

An underwire for extra support:

Lots of supporting fabric (afterall, the goal is to not worry about falling out of your top, right?):

Halter style draws attention to the shoulders:

Bottom Heavy

High-cut styles show a lot of leg and make thighs appear longer and leaner:

Full coverage bottom:

Smaller on bottom than on top

To keep the body balanced, add volume to the hips with ruffles:



It is important for you to think about balance. Dressing well is a balancing act. Try to visually create equally proportioned top and bottom for the most beautiful look.

Let me know if this was helpful to you in the comments below.
Good luck and have fun shopping for your new fabulous swimwear!


NOTE: Some of you felt that the original images used were hard to relate to.  Where possible, I have added images of just the suit, no model, to help you better visualize the suit on you. Please keep in mind it is the styling trick that is beneficial to you. Take an apply it in whatever size you are.  They work for women sized 0 on up.   Thank you for your feedback, it is beneficial for me to hear it!


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TAMMY GIBSON, founder of A Mom in Red High Heels, is a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom offering up her best tips to help women look and feel fabulous so they can achieve their biggest dreams.


  1. would have been better if you used women with those problems instead of the skinny gals get real, 95 5 of women are a 6-12 size not a zero like the ones here the suits didnt even fit them well because they were too skinny for them

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