Owning the right diaper bag is actually more important than owning the right purse when your child is in diapers. I’m not kidding. It’s a pretty serious matter that should not be taken lightly. The right diaper bag means you find what you need quickly. It also means that you look great while carrying it around. Since we’ve established that a woman should look great, not frumpy, in the role of “mom”, we are once again seeking “function + fashion = stylish mom”.

When my kids were in diapers I was a big fan of the diaper clutch. It’s compact and generally all the room I needed to store the essentials diaper changing tools. I neither wanted to carry (or stuff under the stroller) a huge diaper bag but when I did, I found that most of the things I brought along were never needed. So, I learned to pack compact, leave an emergency set of clothes and extra diapers in the car so all I needed was the small clutch that fit in my large purse or under the stroller with all my shopping purchases! Wish I’d learn to be that efficient when I pack to travel!

In honor of the new Pampers with Dry Max Diapers, Liz Lange created the functional and fashionable diaper clutch that we were hoping for! Liz is a pro at designing maternity wear so the fact that a diaper clutch with her name on it is fabulous is really no surprise! Check out this cute little bag:

The Pampers/Liz Lange diaper clutch is black microfiber with black, leather trim and features the Liz Lange logo, as well as a colorful, stylish lining with Liz Lange’s signature pattern. In order to accommodate a busy mom’s every need, the clutch features detachable stroller straps, a shoulder strap and wristlet, and have been designed to hold mom’s essentials – a day’s worth of Pampers Swaddlers or Cruisers with Dry Max diapers, wipes, wallet, cell phone and keys.

Only a limited number of clutches have been produced, and a special label inside reads “Liz Lange – Made Exclusively for Pampers with Dry Max.

Pampers/Liz Lange clutches can be purchased on eBags.com for $50.  Today only, March 17, the bag is being offered for $40.

One lucky reader will receive the Liz Lange designer diaper clutch specially designed for the new Pampers with Dry Max diapers AND a redeemable coupon for a free week’s supply of Pampers with Dry Max diapers!

Enter to Win:
Share with us your funniest diaper changing story!

Deadline to enter:
March 22, 2010 @ 11:59 PM PT
US Residents only, please.

Read what moms think of the new Pampers with Dry Max on My Classy Girl.

Try a sample of Pampers High Performance Cruisers with Dry Max for FREE!

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  2. Everyone with a little boy has probably been squirted before. That happened a lot.

  3. When my daughter was about 2 weeks old, she pooped her diaper and I started to change it, thinking she was done…she was not! I didn’t get the clean diaper under her fast enough, and needless to say there was poop all over her. I was so exhausted and I just started bawling. Kind of silly considering I am a nurse and I was used to cleaning up messes like that long before I had a baby. I was just not expecting my sweet little girl to soil herself so completely! Now it seems funny to me, but at the time I was a mess.

  4. Once I had to change a diaper on a plane as it was landing….not something I think I’d be good at, even with practice.

  5. Autumn B.

    one day i was sitting next to my son on the couch when i smelled something – i looked down and bright orange breast-fed baby loose poop was ALL over the couch – it had shot straight out of his diaper!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  6. I don’t have any funny diaper changing stories other thatn normally when I change my sons Diaper (he is too big for the changing table now) I toss it to me husband like a football so he can trash it!

  7. Monique Rizzo

    My daughter peed in my hubbys face in the middle of a packed mall. He had no idea a girl could do that too!! LOL. Thanks for the chance.

  8. susan varney

    i was changing my grandson on the couch when he whizzed on my husband who was at least at the time sleeping on the other side

  9. What gets other people is when I tell them that in my years of changing my twin boys diapers – I was never once peed on. They never ever peed when I was changing them. That actually makes some people a little upset with me, haha. 😉

    Otherwise, it’s the classic story of having to use a suppository on a newborn (isn’t this classic? it is to me..) and the suppository does it’s magic before the diaper gets around his bottom. Yeah.. that was fun. :/ LOL.


  10. My funniest story is the oldest boy wanted to help change his brothers diaper so I agreed but as we were doing it he got curious about his brothers body part and decided to poke him, he peed straight into his face. Needless to say he has been careful when helping since!

  11. Marjorie Whitney

    The first (and last) time my ex-husband changed our son’s diaper he was christened. Also why he’d never change another (sigh).

  12. Denise B.

    Mine was a massive diaper explosion when my 17-year-old son was a baby. There were gel pellets all over the place! :O

  13. Sonya Desilets

    When my son was 6 months old, he received a Jumparoo for Christmas. He loved it very much. We took many happy smiley pictures of him gleefully jumping in front of the Christmas tree. A few days later I let him jump for about 30 minutes straight. He was happy the whole time. When I pulled him out I smelled something horrible. It was indeed a poop diaper. I don’t know when he had pooped, but he kept bouncing happily after he did, and the poop had slowly inched up… everywhere. It was all the way up his back and somewhat up his front. My son was still as happy as can be and completely oblvious of the waste that surrounded him. He was more upset about being pulled out of his toy than he was about the thick stench and mess that now surrounded him.

    It was far beyond a 12 wipe and “Laundry must be done right now!” situation. After the removing the dead-to-me-now sleeper and throughly used diaper, I peeled off his clothes and just rinsed his entire body off in the tub. From then on he was in the Jumparoo for 15 min sessions only, and only when I didn’t think he would poop anytime soon… unless my husband was in charge of changing him. Under those conditions, well he could jump as long as he wanted :).

  14. Danielle Crown

    my grandpa had to watch me as a child. he had to change my diaper at one point and never had before. He found a maxi pad and duck taped it to me! when my mom and grandma got home they couldnt stop laughing

  15. My 2 year old grand daughter surprised me with just how much she could FIT into a diaper! And it was nuclear!

  16. My favorite diaper change was when my nephew smelled what was coming from his diaper and said “Stinky! P U!”

  17. Denise B.

    My son’s diaper exploded, and all this gel bead stuff was all over the place.

  18. Hubby changed our daughter’s diaper before a hike in Yosemite. He put her in the backpack and we proceeded several miles in, only to discover the diaper was on crooked when she wet all the way down his back!

    We had spare clothes for her but not him, so he had a wet and smelly hike back!

  19. When my daughter was around 3 weeks old, as she was on the diaper changing table, I went to wipe her butt with a wet wipe, and out shot a rocket of poop that hit the lamp and went all over the wall. (She was breastfed so her poops were mostly liquid.)

  20. Our first child was a beautiful little girl and we were new to the job of being parents. Our little girl was two months old the first time I left her with her father. When I came home from shopping, I picked up my baby and her diaper fell right off. Her Dad was so afraid to hurt her that he didn’t have the diaper overlapped enough.

  21. Jennifer M

    My funniest story is with my husband, not I, but he was changing our daughter while we were still at the hospital. After he took of her diaper and turned around to grab a new one, we discovered she had an impressive talent – projectile poo (all over Daddy). I couldn’t help, but laugh even though it hurt.

  22. Nicole D.

    When my daughter had just turned 2, she decided to change her own diaper. She took off the used one, dumped powder all over her legs, and attempted to put a new one on, but had it sideways around 1 knee. A mess, but comical.

  23. With our first child, a little boy, I thought it was funny that the only person that ever got squirted when changing him was my husband. I don’t know if my son was unconsciously picking on him, or more likely my husband was just to slow on the draw of getting the new diaper on.

  24. Frances Watson

    I would love to win this Thank You for this great giveaway fancyfeet45ATearthlink.net

  25. Well, I don’t really don’t think getting squirted in the face is funny—But when it happens to some else….. hee hee hee!

  26. The funniest thing ever was one day right after my now husband and I met we were going to the store and all of a sudden an awful smell filled the truck. My daughter was just a year old. Well he said that he thought she might have went poop so when we got out I went to change her and NOTHING! Quite some time later he admitted he farted and blamed it on the baby. I STILL laugh about it!!

  27. Kerrie Mayans

    My funniest story happened just a couple weeks ago. I left all four of our kids at home with their dad earlier that day. I got home to find the one year old in the four year olds pullups that had been duct taped tighter so that they would fit her. I questioned my husband (who never changes diapers, but still I would think he could do it) and he said that it was impossible for him to diaper her because she kept pulling one side off as he was doing the other side so it was easier to put her in the pull up even thought they were too big. 🙂

  28. Melissa B.

    The funniest thing was when my youngest daughter shot tee up in the air, just like she was a boy. We were soaked, but laughing our tails off.

  29. Elizabeth Y

    I am pregnant with twin boys…this is my first pregnancy but I am sure I will be getting squirted! haha

  30. cornelio

    being a first time dad i dont have a funny story but this sure would be nice for my wife

  31. helenlam

    Nothing too silly…but there was one diaper change that involved four diapers and two changing pad covers once everything was said and done. I didn’t realize that they could hold it and only release part of it at a time!

  32. I am not sure it is actually funny, but once, as soon as we boarded a 10 hour flight, my daughter started the worse diarrhea… she was a small baby at the time, and I actually had to throw her clothes away, and spent the flight changing nasty diapers in the airplane bathroom.

  33. My funniest (or not so funny) moment was probably today. My 3 week old daughter have very loose bowls and I had just changed her diaper and put the clean one under her when she let loose. It came out so fast that it ran off the diaper and all over the changing pad before I could stop it.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  34. Changing my first son at the hospital for my very first time and watching in amazement how he peed across the room right into the wall LOL.

  35. We were taking the city bus once with the baby and well you know what happened. Passengers noticed the foul odor and we finally were able to exit the bus and do the diaper change

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