#StyleTheBump Fashion Tips

Are you pregnant and looking for some style tips to help you feel sexy and less frumpy? Boy, I remember those days! It’s frustrating, isn’t it? I always had an issue with my tops being too short and the lovely belly band on the pants would show. It was so frustrating to find clothes that worked for my style personality and my ever-changing body.

It has been 9 years since my last child was born. Maternity style has improved and more flattering styles can be found at lower price points too! Having some great style tips from an expert also helps.

Rosie Pope, of Rosie Pope Maternity, shares a fashion 101 with dos and don’ts for women who want to be comfortable with a baby bump and look sexy:

  • Wear two pieces. Keep the top low cut and flow-y.  A higher cut makes everything look bigger while a lower cut draws attention down and slims.
  • Go for tighter fabric. It will accentuate your curves, make your arms and legs look smaller and the nylon fabric will wick sweat away.
  • Be Confident! Wear what makes you feel good about yourself, because when you feel good, you look good!

In the below clip from a recent episode of “The Juice” – Veria Living’s live audience talk show – maternity fashion expert Rosie Pope suggests that pregnancy need not be a deep dive into the loose and stretchy abyss but rather a unique moment to be bold and confident in your fashion choices (clicking the image will take you to Veria.com to watch the video.)


I needed those tips back in the day! I experimented with wearing dresses I would NEVER have worn otherwise (pastel floral mid-calf dress? blech!); my shirts were too short, as previously discussed; I certainly did not consider tighter but in retrospect, it would have certainly made me feel less frumpy; and the lack of fabulous maternity fashion did not help me feel confident and it didn’t end with pregnancy…nursing bras were nearly the end of me!

I really hope if you are expecting, these tips help you! You can do it, you can have a well-styled bump!

Love, Tammy


  1. Thanks for the post. This article is really very essential for me. I am also pregnant.This is my first time. so i am very excited and little bit nervous also. Very good list it is. I should try to follow this list. Thank you again.