How to Style a Simple Day Dress

How to Style a Simple Day Dress

I fell absolutely in LOVE with this outfit when I came across the image on Pinterest.

How to Style a Simple Day Dress

When you wear a simple dress style, you get to have fun with accessories! Play up your fun personality with a bold necklace, a blue handbag and a pair of awesome blue aviators! Layer on the wrist candy too! Mix metals! Wear a slight heel to keep the look day time savvy ( If you are short, be sure to wear heels so the volume of the dress doesn’t overwhelm your figure!)

A swing dress like this one is great for camouflage your mid-section to hide new mommy belly or muffin-top.  Diamonds and Inverted Triangles look best in the swing dress shape. Learn more here: Learn Your Body Type.

What is your favorite accessory in this look?



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  1. Johanna says:

    l Love your Blogpost. Reallynice Gallery! I started a Fashionblog with my lovely Styles.Maybe you also like it? I would be verry happy, if you check it out.

    Kisses Johanna

  2. Lizette says:

    Oh this is LOVELY! I am a bit OCD and that hampers my fun when it comes to playing dress-up. For instance, I am short and heavy on top, so unfortunately that necklace won’t work for me – perhaps a bold, but longer one, or some big earring instead? Same with the mixing metals – I’m just not bold enough. But it really and truly looks amazing.

    I’ll be visiting again soon for more tips!

  3. Michelle says:

    Such a cool outfit. Looks so stunning and more elegant. She chosen perfect accessories for her black dress. The necklace and the super cool blue aviators are awesome. Would love to make a style statement with this. Simply superb!

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