Style Injection: Spring Skirts

One of my favorite wardrobe pieces in warm weather is a skirt. It’s as easy to wear as a pair of jeans and so much more posh! From the sophistication of a pencil skirt to the free-flowing fit of a mid-length boho skirt, your options are endless. Pick your most comfortable length: mini, midi or full-length and start looking for a fit and style that suits you!

Wondering which style looks best on you? Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

If you have saddlebags: wear an a-line skirt in any length; avoid pencil skirts or bias cut.

If you have a thick tummy: wear low-waisted skirts because the waist band cuts across the stomach, making it have the size; ruched front skirts work to deflect the eye from the flab. Avoid gather waist or straight-cut skirts.

If you have short legs: wear long skirts with high heels, make sure your shoes are covered. (The maxi is made for you!) Calf-length skirts with high boots worn in the same color. Both ways work to create the illusion of long legs.

If you have long legs: mini skirts, baby!  (just make sure your stems are toned and (faux) tanned)  You also look lovely in practically every other skirt style providing you don’t have any of the other concerns listed here.

If you have a big bottom: A flared skirt or pencil skirt fall in all the right places. Pair with your bodyshaper!  Avoid A-line and straight skirts that accentuate your backside.

These helpful tips are from What Not to Wear by Trinny Woodall and Susahhah Constantine.

This spring, embrace the skirt as a gorgeous versatile piece that you can wear anywhere!  A beautiful skirt can be your BWF (best wardrobe friend)!


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  1. Now I know what skirt suits me best. Do you think the fabric also matters?