Heidi Klum, mom of 4, showed up looking super sexy on the Emmy’s red carpet this year. Like, beyond sexy…don’t you think? The color of her dress is so soft on her skin, she just glowed!

Heidi’s hair was looking gorgeous as well!  Soft and full of volume, making for the perfect red carpet style to compliment that flowing Alexandre Vauthier gown!  I love the 70’s inspired flip!  Heidi’s secret to beautiful hair is in the daily washing.  Read on to learn more…

A healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair.  Compare it to gardening…in a garden, healthy, nutrient rich soil produces the healthiest plant growth.  Similarly, if you have a healthy scalp and eat a nutrient rich diet, you will have strong, beautiful hair because the hair is getting the nutrients from the blood supply in the scalp!

Styling products, shampoos and conditioners can cause build-up on your scalp, clogging follicles.  This creates an unhealthy environment for the hair and it has a harder time growing.  To improve the health of your scalp, and your hair, you can do several things:

  • Massage your scalp (better yet, ask your husband to do it!) to decrease tension and increase circulation for improved blood flow to the scalp.
  • Add tea tree oil to your shampoo to combat dandruff, which simply is an elevated numbers of skin cells shedding.  There are several causes but it can be controlled!
  • Use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner like Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy.  It cleanses the scalp of product build-up, nourishes your scalp and gives your hair the targeted help it needs, depending on the formula you select.

No need to wait for a red carpet moment to have hair like Heidi’s!  Follow these tips for strong, beautiful locks for your fabulous daily life!

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  1. one thing I know about how to keep hair gorgeous as ever and that is keeping it out from damaging substances. Let the natural glow of your hair come out by just shampooing and conditioning it. Avoid harsh treatments that can damage hair follicles. It is also best that you use only natural and organic hair care products.

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