What does your skin say about you?  Does it say you are well rested, diligent with your SPF and hydrated? Or, not?

Your skin is such a tattle-tale.  It won’t let you lie about how healthy you are nor how well you take care of yourself.  But, you can treat it well and reverse some of the signs of aging, as well as prevent new damage, and your skin may tell a little white lie about your age.  It’s simple.  (Notice I said simple, not easy.  Anything worth pursuing is never easy but it’s well worth it in the end!)

Steps to Happier Skin

I won’t preach SPF, sleep and the importance of drinking your water.  You already know it.  (in case you don’t, read 4 Steps To Younger Looking Skin)  What I will share is that your skin’s health is a CHOICE.

  1. Choose to treat skin gently.  This means no picking or scrubbing obsessively.  It also means if your man is in need of a shave, no heavy kissing (his stubble will irritate your skin!) Exfoliating is a major component in skin care, especially as skin ages but you can do an efficient job 1-3 times per week, not daily.
  2. Choose to keep hands off! Don’t rest your hands on your face.  Your hands are germy and dirty.  With every chin rest, eye rub or forehead massage, you are adding grime to your face.  Keep your hands away from your face.  If you must touch, wash first!
  3. Choose to munch on carrots (instead of processed food).  Or, anything raw and fresh.  Fiber helps clear the toxins in your body.  A build-up of toxins will show up on your face, trust me!  Plus, antioxidants and vitamins from raw roods help fight aging!
  4. Choose to avoid irritating foods.  Dairy is a big offender and many people are sensitive to it and ingesting it will lead to break outs.  It’s one of those food allergies that once you cut out, you begin seeing results quickly!  Consult a dermatologist or MD for more information about food allergies.
  5. Choose to use the most powerful antioxidant known to science: Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).   It helps boost skin’s resilience and reduces the visible signs of aging. It’s naturally enriched with coenzyme Q10, lipoic acid and minerals that are designed to help restore skin’s youthful radiance*

Superoxide Dismutase is found in a rare melon that grows in the south of France.  You can get it in Meaningful Beauty skin care products!

Meaningful Beauty is a skin care system put out by Cindy Crawford and European Skin Doctor, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. Dr Sebagh is the man behind the science of the brand and Cindy is the beautiful face in front of the brand! Can we all look like her at age 45 if we use Meaningful Beauty? I sure hope so! It’s worth a try, right? Of course, there is the exercise, sleep and good eating habits that need to be mixed into the formula but at least we can start with the skin care!

I was sent the Meaningful Beauty starter kit from Mom Central and they sent me an additional set to give to someone in my life that is meaningful. I chose my friend and mom of 3. Her oldest son is very sick and in need of a liver, pancreas, small intestine and BOTH kidneys transplant. He has already had one liver transplant. This family has been through a LOT (more than I can ever imagine) in his 12 years of life and they do it all with grace and love. To watch them in their struggles is to see what real beauty is.

While skin care is just skin care, and doesn’t take away the reality of what her challenges are, I hope that the gift of something special for just her will bring a smile to her face (and help her skin to look fabulous in an obviously stressful time).  I think Meaningful Beauty will be happy with me choice of who to share with because beauty is much more than skin deep!

Who is meaningful in your life?  Please share in the comments below!


I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf Meaningful Beauty and received a 5-step treatment kit to facilitate my review, a second 5-step treatment kit to giveaway, and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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  1. Yup!!! Beautiful skin is definitely a must! Thanks for posting these tips. My only bad beauty habit is that I always like to touch my face with my hands…. lol. I know it’s not good but I try to avoid this.