My family had the BEST time at Medieval Times on Sunday. My husband, two kids and two of their friends attending the Buena Park castle for a show we will not forget!

If you have not experienced Medieval Times, it is a dinner show and tournament with knights battling with swords (yes, sparks do fly!), a jousting tournament, and beautiful horsemanship and falconry. The show has drama, fun and breathtaking stunts. You are encouraged to cheer for your knight that represents your section so the whole audience is really participating in the show! (We were in the RED Knight section. I was hopeful that we would have red since I was there representing A Mom in Red High Heels. I’m not sure if it was actually planned for us to be in the red or if it just worked out that way but we loved it!) Our Red Knight was a funny guy, fixing his hair in the reflective glass between sword swings! The boys loved the battle, the girls loved the horses and the princess!  We all really enjoyed the entertainment!

While the show is being performed, you are served a yummy 4-course meal. The food is delicious and plentiful. Soup, chicken (which the waiter called ‘baby dragon’…the kids LOVED that and we now call chicken baby dragon!), garlic bread, a spare rib, herb-based potatoes and apple strudel is served by a friendly staff. The meal is utensil-free and yes, you’ll receive a wet wipe for your hand upon completion.

Special Diet Accomodations

My daughter is gluten-free and before attending the show, we confirmed that there would be food safe for her to eat. They gave us a gluten-free card to give to our waiter and we experienced great service! He brought her the same soup, baby dragon and potatoes that the rest of us had. Her rib was sauce-free and instead of strudel, she received a big bowl of fruit (we also brought her g-free cookies for dessert). She liked that she was able to eat basically the same as the rest of us. There is also a vegetarian option available, just ask for it when making your reservation.

In addition to the dinner show, there is plenty to do in the lobby while you wait to be seated. I encourage you to take it all in as it is part of the fun!

  • The employee at the Weaponry shop was extremely knowledgeable. She gave the kids a history lesson about many different swords and daggers. My husband and I were intrigued as well! Of course my husband and son both want a sword now!
  • The gifts shop has an extensive selection. From kid’s souvenirs to expensive gifts, there was a large variety to look at and purchase. Each of the kids with us picked something out and everyone was thrilled with what they left with.
  • The lobby also has a window looking in on the show horses. Such beautiful creatures and this will keep your kids busy if you are not looking to purchase souvenirs.
  • The show’s King entertains in the lobby before seating takes place
  • Guests can be knighted and put in to have a birthday/special occasion announced during the show
  • A full bar is available

I’d say, Medieval Times treats their guests like royalty.

We’ll be back.  My son has already chosen it for his birthday destination in May!

Tickets are currently on sale for a special rate during December!  Celebrate your holidays with Medieval Times!

Get Connected: (often offering special discounts to their fans!)

Thank you to Medieval Times Buena Park for providing the 6 tickets for our celebration!  See more pictures of our visit on Instagram.

On a side note, I wore a new faux fur vest I purchased on Last Call.  I’ve been wanting a fabulous faux fur for a year now and finally found one that is beautiful.  It has a little (faux) leather detail, the faux fur does not feel cheap and it looks gorgeous!  I am so pleased! If you want a faux fur as well, I recommend this one by John & Jenn.  It is currently on sale for 50% off!

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