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When I was a teenager, I would spend my summer laying out in the hot Arizona sun, working on my tan. I did all of the “skin sins” like using baby oil instead of sunscreen or reflecting the sun off of foil so it would directly hit my face with great intensity. Do I regret it? Absolutely! Every day when I look in the mirror, I know the lines and discoloration I see started in my youth. I have had more than one spot on my body and face burned off because they were pre-cancerous. My Dad has had skin cancer.

I’m careful now with my time in the sun. I wear hats and sunscreen. I limit direct exposure. I choose sunscreen products that are SPF 30+ and I make sure my kids wear sun screen. I’m hoping to inspire you to do the same. There are still a lot of people who limit their use of sunscreen or don’t use it at all for a variety of reasons like: smell of product, feel of product, think their skin is dark enough that they won’t burn, or they forget. Let me tell you why ALL of those excuses need to be thrown out the window:

Skin cancer is the most common cancer type in the U.S.

It is worth a bit of inconvenience to protect yourself from skin cancer, isn’t it? (insert the answer, YES, here. You are worth it!)

The younger generation is living a carefree life, like I did back in my youth. As I shared at the top of the post, the damage I see now, started when I was young. As moms, we need to teach our kids to be using sunscreen and the best way to do that is by example! Use it yourself and every time you apply, have them apply!  It is better to live preventing sun damage than it is to live trying to erase sun damage! I wish I had understood this concept when I was a teen!

There is good information on the topic of skin cancer and more people are seeing it now, thanks the work of the American Cancer Society, but there is still work to be done. Companies like Neutrogena and CVS are stepping up their game to help educate the public about the importance of sun screen. Neutrogena only offers sun protection products in SPF 30 or higher and CVS is launching a “Long Live Skin” campaign. Both are helping create an awareness that staying safe in the sun is a life long commitment.

What is CVS’s “Long Live Skin” Campaign?

  • CVS is removing all sun care products with SPF lower than 15 from its shelves, and replacing them with 30 new SPF+/broad spectrum products that either meet or exceed FDA standards. The initiative is meant to increase awareness around skin health.
  • The pharmacy, along with Johnson & Johnson, has teamed up with the American Cancer Society to educate its customers about why proper skin care and sun care is important.
  • Anytime between June 18-24, purchase any Neutrogena or Aveeno product with SPF from CVS and $1 will be donated to the American Cancer Society to help prevent skin cancer up to $100,000.

Check out what these wise ladies have to say about sunscreen in this CVS Long Live Skin video:

Neutrogena has sun screen that will address any of your objections to sunscreen:

Kids are too squirmy to apply it on them:  Any of the spray sunscreens go on quickly and easily. Spray on in a well ventilated area and rub into the skin.

No time to apply: The sunscreen sticks are awesome! My kids love these and are easy on the go.

Greasy feeling: The Dry-Touch sunscreen is my preferred sunscreen. It has a non-shiny finish.  It is fast-absorbing, water-resistant and a non-oily formula.

Makes my face breakout: Use the Clear Face Sunscreen. It is designed for acne-prone skin and won’t cause breakouts!

Skin is already damaged and aging: There is even an anti-aging sunscreen from Neutrogena! Age Shield Face products contain a blend of powerful anti-oxidants to combat free radicals that accelerate the signs of aging. I haven’t tried these products but I love the concept!

Take Action!

Shop your local CVS Pharmacy for Neutrogena and Aveeno sunscreen during the Long Live Skin Campaign and $1 will be donated to the American Cancer Society to help prevent skin cancer.  Skin health is something you need to work on every single day. Stock up on your sun protection products and start teaching your kids the importance of taking care of their skin by wearing sunscreen!

Thank you to Neutrogena for sponsoring this content. All opinions are my own.

Love, Tammy

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