Splurge: Sassy Sunglasses

I use to wear expensive sunglasses. Before I had kids. Now they get tossed about so hastily, I find it hard to believe I could ever spend on a nice pair of sunglasses again. I love my Target sunglasses. Really, I do. I’ve purchased the same pair twice, that’s how much I love them. But…I’m thinking it may be time for a really nice pair of sunglasses again.  You know, for the times I’m traveling for A Mom in Red High Heels and want to actually see where I’m at instead of viewing life through scratched lenses (I deserve that right?)…

I’m thinking it’s time for this pair of Juicy Couture BFF Strass…(and not just because they are red! No, the description actually says they are brown/pink).  Quite lovely and not at all boring!

ShipMyShades.com (how cute is that name??) $119

What’s the most you’ll spend on sunglasses for yourself?  Take the poll and share!

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  1. carol says:

    I put $30 because that was the least amount, but actually I would either love to win some or buy some for a dollar at the dollar store. I buy all my reading glasses there and they are Foster Grant so I save alot. I LOVE those glasses you picture here, but I would feel too guilty spending that and would probably sit on them, scratch them, drop them, or not use them enough. But they are gorgeous!

  2. Tammy Gibson says:

    I hear you Carol! I used to buy the expensive ones because I worked outside and figured they were an investment in my job. I’d definitely have to change my habits to keep a beautiful pair like these looking good for a long while!

  3. Soos says:

    The Nine West pair I wear now cost $50, but I’ve owned one that cost $200+ – I had a good job then! I was fortunate enough to receive a $300 gift cert for my last birthday, but haven’t had the time or guts to spend that much on a pair.

    No matter what I’ve spent on sunglasses, I’ve made sure they protect from both UVA and UVB rays. Also, the lenses need to be dark enough, and gray, green or brown. I’m very picky, and gray distorts colors least, IMO. Choose a good brand that fit you properly – Prada, Oakley and Ray Ban have all worked for me. The workmanship is better, and they will last longer. They ARE an investment.

    NOT wearing the proper protective sunglasses can hasten the formation of cataracts!

    Good luck on finding the right pair!

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