Heidi Klum is one smart mama. She recently told Allure, “I used to bake in the sun all day to get tan and to naturally lighten my hair. Once I realized how bad the sun exposure was for my skin I stopped doing it.”

How many of you are still exposing your skin to the sun’s harmful rays in hopes of achieving a golden tan? It’s tempting, I know. With summer fast approaching, we look and feel better with a tan. So, instead of baking and damaging, try a safe tan that will look fabulous and keep your skin healthy!

Daily Makeover dishes on how to Get (And Stay) Tan This Weekend:

We pale girls like to pretend otherwise, but the fact of the matter is, everyone’s skin looks better with a little bit of bronze. Tan skin can help give you an overall glow, hide minor imperfections and even make you look like you’ve lost weight. But that doesn’t mean you should walk out without the SPF or hop into a tanning bed. Instead, our friends at Hollywood Life share the inside info on how you can (safely!) give yourself a gorgeous bronze glow.

Dying to show off that cute new spring dress you just got but can’t bear the thought of pasty bare legs? Get thee a spray tan now!  Here’s how!

If you’re like me you’re so excited about spring but not so excited about showing off your wintry skin. In preparation for my birthday party (and my sleeveless dress) I decided to book an appointment at NYC’s Sundara Airbrush Tanning salon for one of their super quick drying spray tanning sessions. Before the appointment, Natalie Cupid, Sundara’s senior technician told me to come to my appointment fully exfoliated, shaved, moisturizer-free, makeup-free and dressed in dark, loose clothes. Oh, yea, also – no deodorant. Gross, I know, but if you want an even tan, you’ll do it.

My experience at Sundara was super fast and really pleasant. I always have friends ask me, “what do you wear when you get it done??” Well, it’s up to you! You can go naked if you want, wear a thong, an old bathing suit–whatever makes you comfortable. Just keep in mind the tan lines you’ll get. Natalie started out by coating my nails and cuticles with a liquid latex formula to protect them from getting the tell tale yellow twinge that can give away a fake tan. Then, she sprayed my whole body from forehead to feet. She did it twice to make sure everything was even and I’d get the rich color I wanted. Then, she put me in a room with fans to dry off. Literally one minute later I was dry and getting dressed. Less than 15 minutes after I arrived I was on my way back to the office, tan and ready for my party!

The average spray tan lasts anywhere from 5 to 10 days, here, Natalie’s tips for making the most of your spray tan!

  • “Don’t shower for at least the next four hours after your spray tan. The first shower is just going to be a rinse – no soap or shampoo in that first shower. You’re going to see brown water. When you see that water run clear, get out.”
  • “Pat dry your skin and moisturize. The more you moisturize, the longer it will stay so that’s really important.”
  • “You want to stay away from products that have natural exfoliants like soy, milk, anything with a cell turnover. Try to use deep penetrating formulas like Vaseline Intensive Care, Eucerin or Nivea.”
  • “Use lukewarm to warm water, cold if you can handle it. But no hot, steaming water. No saunas, no steam baths, no hot showers. It opens the pores and pushes the tan right out.”
  • “For the next 5-7 days you don’t use any exfoliating products so no rags, no loofahs, anything with beads in it, salt scrubs, toners, astringents. Especially on your face because it’s the fastest thing to fade. Just use a foam cleanser and a light moisturizer.”

-Marta Topran

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