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Splurge [splurj] -verb: to indulge oneself in some luxury or pleasure, especially a costly one.

We all need to splurge from time to time!  When done responsibly (as in, you won’t go into debt!), it can give us feelings of joy and satisfaction.

Of course, the cost of a splurge is relative to each individual budget.  A $50 necklace may be a splurge for some while a $500 necklace is a splurge for another. Don’t get caught up in comparing yourself to another. If it feel luxe to you, that’s all that matters!

While the upfront cost to buying an expensive item may feel a lot, when you purchase something fabulous that can be used again and again, the cost per wear is not absurdly high.  In this way, a splurge is more like an investment in yourself.

A great time to splurge is when you have accomplished something big on your list of goals.  For example, when you lose 15 pounds or complete your first e-book, your hard work can be rewarded with something special for yourself.

Adding fabulous jewelry to your collection is always a good way to spend your spurge money!

The following jewelry will update your look this summer, and all the seasons following!

On the left, you’ll find jewelry that is a bit more casual and super fun. On the right, you’ll see jewelry that is glam and ready to take your look from day to night.


On the left:

  • Nicole Romano North Star Earrings– I can’t get these earrings off my mind. They are stunning! You can wear these with your jeans, tee and pumps for a casual chic look or you can dress up a little black dress even more! The vintage glass triangle stones are handset. $335
  • Stella Valle I AM bracelet– This bracelet is a daily affirmation: “I AM STRONG CONFIDENT COURAGEOUS PASSIONATE”.  We all need this as a daily reminder! Gold or rhodium plated on black paracord. $53
  • Stella Valle FAITH Necklace– how awesome is this necklace? Two dog tags, in either gold or rhodium plated, one with the word FAITH engraved, the other with Swarovski crystals.  Choose your chain length. $48.

On the right:

About Nicole Romano Jewelry: Nicole’s clientele are drawn to the bold, unique and unmistakable signature Nicole Romano aesthetic. These handcrafted pieces are individualistic with extreme proportions as well as inventive combinations of mixed media materials. Each collection amplifies the evocative power of extravagance.

About Stella Valle Jewelry: Sisters Ashley Jung and Paige Dellavalle, knew their experience as West Point military cadets and U.S. Army Officers didn’t make them the most obvious choices as chic arbiters of style. While they donned the drab, olive, camouflage fatigues that came with military life, their vision for life after the military remained lucid. Founded in 2009, Stella Valle reflects the designers’ pursuit to live out their lifelong aspirations in fashion and design despite their unique past. Capitalizing on their military background, they fused their mechanical training with a strong, diverse aesthetic sense — And with the desire to create a brand that represented their innate sense of style and unique background – came Stella Valle.

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