The END of Split Ends: Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair Treatment

We are busy women!  With all the running around, quick-drying, rough brushing, pool swimming, gnarly ponytailing, and other things we don’t like to admit that we do, our hair is not always in the best of shape.  Do your ends need a sign that reads, “WARNING: Fire Hazard”?  Do they look like this?

Split Ends

Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair Treatment is “the only in-salon service that instantly repairs, strengthens, seals & protects ends for up to 4 weeks in only 10 minutes!”  To maximize strength, keep your length, and sharpen your haircut, have a Split End Repair Treatment with every cut and/or color.  Or, you can always have it along with just a wash and blowdry/style.

Utilizing a proprietary Thermo-Marine Bonding System™, this treatment fills in and binds broken hair fibers together, instantly mending split ends while a Brazilian Super Nutrient Complex prevents future breakage by protecting ends against daily styling and environmental damage.

The end result is instantly repaired, stronger, healthier ends protected against future breakage.

So OF COURSE I had to be one of the first to try it!  I jumped right in and tried it on a few clients, my assistant, and myself (OK, my assistant did it on me!)

Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair Treatment

Anna's fine, colored, highlighted hair took the treatment beautifully!

Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair Treatment

Jenah's coarse, bleached, heat-styled hair LOVED it!

Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair Treatment

This one is me--I color frequently and use curling irons too much. Ouch! SO MUCH BETTER!

What to Expect:

  1. Beginning with slightly damp, shampooed hair, the stylist will lightly dust the solution onto the bottom 2 to 3 inches of the hair.
  2. Product will be combed through the ends to ensure each strand is coated with reparative nutrients to mend and seal where the cuticle is split or broken.
  3. Next, the stylist will blow dry the hair as smooth as possible using a round boar bristle brush.
  4. Finally, the stylist will flat iron the bottom 2 to 3 inches of the hair to lock in the product and seal the ends.
  5. [This is one my own tip] If you don’t like your hair super straight, your stylist can re-style your hair after flat ironing it, like Anna above
Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair Treatment

Sarah's super-fine, colored hair was strengthened and sealed

Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair Treatment

Marila is a thermal styling addict (mostly curling irons). What a difference!

How it works:

Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair Treatment

Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair Treatment

Try Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair on your next salon visit; your hair will thank you!  This is a new product, so you’ll want to ask for it when booking, to be sure your salon has it in stock.  For additional defrizzing, use Brazilian Blowout Acai Aftercare shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioning masque.

Contributed by:

Jordana Lorraine, Brazilian Blowout Specialist
Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA
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  1. I am absolutely LOVING this treatment!

  2. Wow I haven’t heard of this treatment before. I will be asking my stylist about it next time I am sitting in her chair. Thanks for the info!

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