I believe that your smile is your best accessoryWhat is your smile saying about you?

Luster Premium White, a leading brand of tooth whitening product, knows what it takes to have a great smile. But they wanted to know what kind of smiles are on men’s minds. So in a recent survey they gave 300 guys the chance to vote on their favorite celebrity smiles. Wanna know which smiles are getting his attention? Check out their top picks and learn how you can get your “smile style!”

#1 Julia Roberts

Smile Style: CONFIDENT

Description: Our “Pretty Woman” topped the list at #1 with 31% of the votes. Whether she’s in the movies, in an interview or on the red carpet, she flashes that smile with poise and appeal that says “I have arrived.” Her full smile shows off her pearly white teeth and says that she’s empowered and not afraid to let the world know.

How to: A confident woman always has a full smile as part of her arsenal. Luster White 7 Toothpaste will give you that bright smile. It has 7 powerful whitening agents working on a daily basis to allow you to achieve the ultimate white smile, so you’re confident every day of the week!

#2 Halle Berry

Smile Style: SEXY

Halle had mastered the art of flirt and tease without saying a word… her smile does all the talking. Her playful smile adds interest and intrigue that 21% of our guys cannot seem to get enough of. With the sex appeal she exudes from her smile, it’s time to take out our pens and paper and start taking notes!

How to: Being sexy is not about speaking sultrily and seductively. Often, sexy is what you don’t say. Next time you’re aiming to ramp up your sex appeal, try smiling and playfully biting on your lower lip, that will leave a lot to the imagination and will be sexier than any words could ever be.

#3 Katherine Heigl

Smile Style: INNOCENT

With 16% of the votes, Katherine has shown that a soft, neutral lip color complements glistening white teeth beautifully. With her hair usually neck-length or in an up-do, she invites you to focus mostly on the innocent, “girl next door” smile. But don’t mistake this gal for boring. She manages to accompany her sweet, subtle smile with self-assurance that adds spunk and flavor.

How to: You don’t have to be “girly” and love the color pink for this one. Being innocent is just remembering that your guy likes to feel like a guy and sometimes he wants to be in control. Let him chose the movie for date night or allow him to think that he’s right once in a while. Turn that innocent smile on and let him see just how soft and sweet you can be.

#4 Anne Hathaway

Smile Style: BOLD

You’re most likely to see Anne Hathaway donning a deep colored scarlet lip shade that’s in stark contrast to her bright, pearly whites. She’s not afraid to be the center of attention and 13% of our guys are definitely taking notice. Her “bring it on” smile screams daring, risky and fearless!

How to: Remember, bold lip colors amplify the color of your teeth. The next time you wear that rich, bold lip color that sends chills down your date’s spine, try Luster 1 hour white. Your teeth will be six shades whiter and brighter in one hour. You’ll be impressed by your bold, beautiful smile and your date will be too!

#5 Scarlett Johansson


Scarlett has shown her versatility in her many types of smiles and 12% of our guys seem to love all of them. She has her “soft pucker”, where she shows the fun, free side of herself. There’s the “seductive smirk” where she offers up her flirtier side and then there’s the “happy grin” that says “I’m having fun and loving life!” Scarlett’s many smiles say that she’s always up for a new adventure.

How to: You don’t have to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to get a little adventure in your blood. Adventure is about trying something new and out of your comfort zone. So, the next time your guy wants to see the Lions play the Ravens on a 30 degree winter day, remember to flash that soft pucker, grab a scarf and have fun!

#6 Jennifer Hudson

Smile Style: FUN

It’s rare to see Jennifer being interviewed without hearing that cheerful laugh. She’s never opposed to cracking jokes and enjoying herself with complete freedom. With 7% of the votes, guys are saying that they love a fun girl so don’t underestimate the power of a hearty laugh to showcase those gorgeous teeth.

How to: Being fun is all about being carefree and unpredictable. If you want your smile to say that, be sure to have some Luster Now Mouth Rinse wherever you go. For a pristine, clean mouth and beautiful white teeth, you’re sure to be ready for anything!

What’s YOUR style? Confident, sexy, innocent, bold, adventurous or fun? Maybe a little of all of them?  Whichever it is, remember to care for your teeth so they can look their brightest and whitest when you flash that smile!

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