How does your skin look?

Let me ask you a question…How is your skin doing? Is it healthy, clear, glowing? Or, is it dull, broken out and feeling dry?

What you eat and what you put on your skin will influence the texture and condition of your skin. If you are not completely satisfied with how your skin appears without makeup then you need to make some changes. Thankfully, there are great product lines to assist us and our different skin types.

My skin is aging. The fine lines are getting deeper and I am very aware of it. It is time to change up the skin care routine to a system that has powerful active ingredients. Are you in the same phase as I am? Then read on for a great skin care recommendation!

This summer I have been using Dermesse Essential Six-Step System and totally loving how my skin texture is smooth and I feel like I have to use less cover-up when applying my makeup. The system is pharmaceutical grade, and contain the highest levels of active ingredients available to reverse skin care damage and the normal effects of aging.

We went on vacation in early August, spending a week by the ocean. I didn’t not pack my Drermesse, opting for smaller travel size products of another brand. I could tell a difference after a week! I had a really bad breakout on my chin (yep, still get those once in a while!) and I am still recovering from the damage. Good thing I have the Dermesse Skin Lightener to help fade the dark spots left from the breakout!


I also noticed that along my neck, below my ears and along my jaw line, there is significant hyperpigmentation. It’s not an angle I normally check in the mirror but when I saw it I was shocked! I had no idea so much sun damage had occurred and how sloppy I had been with my regimen! I haven’t paid close enough attention to this area, obviously. I always use product on my neck but apparently, I’m not bringing it far enough back and up. I’ve started the Skin Lightener on this area as well and am confident it will fade the dark areas to match the rest of my face that has been receiving treatment! Seeing what my skin looks like without Dermesse convinces me how well it has worked. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell a difference in your skin over a period of time. I’ve just proven to myself what a difference this system makes for me!

Investing in a skin care system, where all the products work to compliment each other, is a wise thing to do. Your skin care is your most important beauty tool. When your skin looks radiant, you need less makeup, you feel more confident and it is in fact, healthy! Make the switch today if you need some serious anti-aging skin care. Dermesse Essential Six-Step System is a great place to start!

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Love, Tammy

I received a sample of the Dermesse Essential Six-Step System for editorial review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Dermesse Essential Six-Step System is really a perfect product. I tried it and actually reached good results. I got a more clear and smooth skin. It really helps to get a healthier facial skin. I will never replace this product with another as it gives me the results needed.