Doesn’t that title just catch your attention?  “Secrets to Living a Gorgeous and Confident Life”, who doesn’t want to know those secrets?!

I recently finished “Brazilian Sexy- Secrets to Living a Gorgeous and Confident Life” by Janae Padilha of the J Sisters. If you don’t know who Janae is, she is the sexy mama who invented the Brazilian wax for yes, down-there hair. In her book she shares the inspiration for inventing the beauty treatment (it’s not pretty) and how women would open up to her about their problems while being in the vulnerable position receiving the treatment. Janae uses those experiences and stories in her book to help us with similar problems we may face.

Janae covers everything from beauty to sex to healing emotionally from hurt. Her optimism is contagious. Her tid bits are helpful and in some cases, unconventional.

My favorite part of the book was when she shares first of her mother’s amazing ability to welcome change with a smile and excitement, even if the change was a difficult one. Janae grew up with 13 siblings and she learned a great sense of self from her mother and the way she lived her life.  No wonder she is a “can-do” person!

I also loved Janae’s recommendation for healing from emotional pain. In the chapter, “Cry Yourself an Amazon River”, Janae shares this:

“When I hear women telling their kids, “Oh, stop crying, stop acting like a baby, stop showing your emotions,” I get very upset. Because I know it is very bad advice. Our emotions are not something we should be ashamed of. No, I feel that we have to claim our sadness and turn it around. Crying does that. It lets you control something that feels very uncontrollable. And that controls adds up to something that moves you forward.”  I love this perspective on crying and am embracing it each time one of my kids comes to me crying, even when I think the tears are unwarranted.

Janae once coached a client, who had lost her husband, to make herself cry for one hour every day. Just cry. After an hour, get up. She suggested her client do this every day for a month. By the end of the month, the woman was cried out and back to living her life again. I think this is wonderful advice. Allowing yourself the time to cry and get the emotion out is more healing than trying to hold back the tears all day long. Give yourself permission to cry when you are sad.

Beyond these two sections of the book, I thought the information was just luke warm.  I was hoping for more. Janae is a confident and likable woman and has been helpful to many women in her years of service. She brought to us a cutting edge beauty treatment that has been embraced by many women, there is no questioning that. However, I thought the book was only fair. It is a quick read but it didn’t leave me wanting more.

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