13 Weeks til Summer! Are we ready for Summer Fashions?

I know, I too was shocked when I realized summer is a measly 13 weeks away!  No more hiding behind the layers of winter fashions!  Even if we could avoid the whole swim suit issue, there’s the right to bare arms!  We’re talking sleeveless shirts, tank tops and the slightly daunting but amazingly cute halter top dresses!  We must have tight sexy calves to compliment our super hot red heels and ever so fashionably cute wedges!  Sorry, hate to add salt to an open wound but have you considered the shorts? We can not possibly avoid shorts when temperatures are well over 100 degrees for some of us!

Self check – jello wave? lifeless calves? a little too much junk in uuuhummmm – you know? What if you could start the summer a more confident you? What if you could – dare I say – proudly flaunt that swimsuit you’ve had your eye on? What if you felt tighter, firmer and slimmer 13 weeks from now? How would it feel to walk into your closet and walk out in confidence sporting the cutest fashions and a beaming smile!

Good news – you totally can!!! I believe in you and I will give you the plan that will get you there!  Better yet, it’s a fairly simple and inexpensive plan!  The two words we mom’s love to hear “simple” and “inexpensive”.

Stay tuned! Over the next 6 weeks I will give you the plan that will lead you to a firmer, more confident you by summer. Next week I will give you the foundation of any good fitness plan – healthy eating choices (nutrition).  I’ll tell you why “diets” are a scam and how simple changes in your eating choices can make BIG differences!

Get Movin’! Don’t wait for the next post! Get active, start today. If you are going to be summer ready you must start with a minimum 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Here are some easy ways to get active; ride your bike with your kids after school; instead of sitting at your child’s baseball practice run/walk around the park; commit to walking your dog every day (you both deserve it!) or create a family habit of discovering new hikes on Sunday afternoons! We will talk more about how to make the most out of your time in a later post.

P.S. We are not defined by what does or doesn’t wiggle and jiggle. However, wanting to be your personal best is an excellent goal!

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Rebecca Tabbert is a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach and owner of TBT Fit Body Bootcamp.  Rebecca has inspired, motivated, encouraged and coached hundreds of people to live a healthy and fit lifestyle.  To learn how Rebecca can help you shed unwanted inches and melt pounds call her personally at 909-520-2589 or visit  www.tbtfitbodybootcamp.com.

Watch for more features from Rebecca!  She’ll share tips to help us get into shape so we can look great in our flirty summer dresses and make our calves look amazing in all the fun summer sandals!

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TAMMY GIBSON, founder of A Mom in Red High Heels, is a God-loving, coffee-drinking, heel-wearing, wife and mom offering up her best tips to help women look and feel fabulous so they can achieve their biggest dreams.


  1. You have my attention! I do my best to eat healthy and stay fit, but I am always looking for new tips and ideas. Can’t wait for your next post! 🙂

  2. Courtney Gohn

    I cannot wait for summer this year! Rebecca is kicking my butt and I can’t wait to see whats in store next! 🙂

  3. Martha Sanchez

    If you want fast resuslts to look HOT! by summer Rebecca will make it happen. I feel stronger, more confident and healthier than ever. If you work hard and bust your booty during Rebecca’s class there is no way you can fail. THANK YOU REBECCA!!! YOU ROCK!!!! =)

  4. Erin Freeman

    I cannot wait to start getting and applying more of the wonderful food tips you have! Some of your simple choices have made a huge difference! You hit the nail on the head, with the Personal BEST!

  5. When the weather warms up and stops raining in my city, I need to start my daily jogs and walks again. In the meantime, I do try to squeeze in as many simple workouts at home like stretches, squats, and a little of yoga.