The Secret to Standing Out and Looking Like a Leader

The Secrets to Standing Out and Looking Like a Leader |

The secret to standing out and looking like a leader is your personal style. Personal style is more than just the clothing hanging in your closet. It includes your personal appearance, non-verbal communication and mindset. It is a reflection of your inner confidence and is how you present yourself to the world.

Don’t stop reading. Hear me out.

For many of you, I know it is hard to see that your style and personal appearance can actually make a difference in your success.

For some of you, you already know that appearance is important.  As an entrepreneur, you want your style to be ON BRAND with your business but you’re not sure how to get it there!  You want to update your style, learn some professional makeup tips and understand how to look your best in front of your audience.

For all of us, no matter where we are starting from, it’s important to understand one thing and believe it:

How you look matters.

Seven seconds. Seven seconds is all the time you have to make a first impression. A first impression can define if you are a success or a failure.

Your ideal clients and customers are looking for you. 

Are you ready to put yourself out there or are you hiding from them because you don’t feel like your personal style is “pitch perfect?”

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you hate the way you look on video or in pictures?
  • Do you avoid going to networking events because you have nothing to wear?
  • Are you wearing the same clothes you wore 7 years ago when you started your business?
  • Do you wear your hair in a ponytail because you don’t know what else to do with it?
  • Do you use the excuse that you “don’t have time” in the mornings so you leave the house without makeup up each day?

We all have excuses, issues and habits that prohibit us from looking our best each day.  There is a deeper reason for them.

In order to make a transformation to stand out and look like a leader, you need to understand and deal with those personal issues. I know it can be scary to face our doubts and fears but it will be sooo worth it, I promise!

Your action today is to download and do the Check Your Attitude worksheet. This will help you reflect on what you believe about beauty and fashion, how you look and how you feel about being judged by your image.

Don’t skip this worksheet! This is SO important!  You’ll never completely make the transition if you don’t understand what is holding you back from presenting your best self.

Ok, get started. Answer the questions honestly.  Pay attention to which ones make you cringe or trigger some type of negative response.  These are the biggies for you.

Download it here and do it before you continue to read. It will only take a few moments. Go with your instinct, don’t overthink your answer.


Now that you have taken some time to Check Your Attitude, how do you feel?  Was it a little scary? Did it prompt some tears? Don’t worry; you are not alone in that!

Anytime a change is about to occur, you feel resistance.  This is normal.  The important thing is that you move forward.

Now that you understand your attitudes toward your outward appearance, you can stop ignoring them and start working on changing them.

Let’s take a moment to clear that negative energy.

 The Secret to Standing Out and Looking Like a Leader |

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath. Hold it. Let it out slowly.

Release the tension, anxiety and sadness held in those old beliefs.

Do it again.  This time as you let out your breath, imagine those old thoughts leaving your body.

Deep breath in. Hold it. Now, let it out slowly. Get it all out.

Now, image a magnet at the center of your heart.  Turn that magnet on and call back all the energy you spent on these old beliefs.  Let it return to you so you can start fresh with new beliefs and habits.

Feel them coming back to you.

Go ahead and open your eyes.

Do you feel more relaxed?

Every time you feel those negative thoughts, beliefs or memories creeping into your mind and body, do this deep breathing and call back your energy.  The act of intentionally taking control of what goes out and what comes in will help you feel renewed.

To be a successful leader, you need to improve the quality of your thoughts, your energy and your feelings.  Having higher aspirations to move toward is great but if you don’t do the daily work of learning new habits and improving your self-talk, you’ll get stuck.  Just wanting more isn’t enough.

I want you to take some time this week to work on your core beliefs.  Your physical transformation and wardrobe transformation will stem from your core belief transformation.

You can’t “Bring It” with full confidence if you are not feeling it. How you look indicates how you feel so I want you to really take the time to clear the negative energy and thoughts.  Keep a journal, pray, cry, talk to those you trust.  Understanding that your inner feelings reflect on your personal style will help you overcome and become more confident in how you present yourself to the world.

Please! Take the time to really do this. Share in the comments any thoughts you have regarding your limiting beliefs, clearing them and understanding the process.

To your style and success, Tammy


Tammy Gibson, A Mom in Red High Heels

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