The Make Today Matter Makeover

Life management expert and bestselling author Brook Noel says historically more than 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by late February because most people view resolutions as another pressure in an already pressure-filled life.

Whether you want to curb your caffeine cravings, stop procrastinating or really reduce stress in 2010, Brook Noel is hosting a FREE 5-day Facebook Workshop (Jan. 11-15) based on her popular online course Transforming Resolutions Into Reality.

Here’s a quick outline of the program:

DAY 1: Ready, set, Goal!

Brook shares the crucial formula for creating a successful goal. Participants will apply these principles to choose a goal for 2010.

DAY 2: Visualize Success

During day two, Brook shares how seeing is believing when it comes to goal-work. Participants will learn the science behind visualizing and affirming a goal and begin to create a visual goal map.

DAY 3: From Vision to Plan

With our goal firmly in mind, we turn our attention to creating an overall big-picture goal plan to takes us from point A to point B.

DAY 4: The Goal Zoom-lens

During day four, participants continue to work with their goal plan and learn how to create manageable monthly, weekly, and daily steps to guide them toward success.

DAY 5: Action, Attitude and Energy

During the final lesson, Brook shares how attitude, action, and energy lead to long-term success and provides tips for maintaining motivation and high-energy as participants get ready to embark on a journey to make their goals a reality!

HOW IT WORKS: This workshop is conducted on Facebook. Simply join the group to have access to the lessons when they open 1/11/2010. The day before the workshop begins attendees will receive a free downloadable workbook that Brook will guide participants through during the week long workshop. Each day, Monday through Friday, participants can login and get the day’s assignment. Each assignment includes a handout, audio, and an Action Step to apply. An optional support forum is available for participants to post progress. Participants can also post questions to Brook which she will answer on the weekend.

Brook Noel is a bestselling author and life management expert whose Make Today Matter Program has helped more than 160,000 people make significant changes in their lives or You’ll find lots of great tools on both sites to help you get organized in 2010!

What do you think? Will you attend Brook’s free workshop?  Make sure to join her Facebook group today so you don’t miss a thing!  I just did!

Watch for a review and giveaway of  “The Make Today Matter Makeover” coming soon to A Mom in Red High Heels.

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