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Skinn Cosmetics is celebrating it’s sixth anniversary with ShopHQ in July! Skinn has become ShopHQ’s best selling beauty brand and the reason is Dimitri James, creator of Skinn Cosmetics.

Dimitri is passionate about “Bringing Beauty to the World” with his beauty line and his passion shows in everything he does! From his episodes on ShopHQ to the product development, to the relationships he holds with his Skinn Family and his personal family.

I spent a day with Dimitri in his Palm Springs home while he shot footage for an upcoming ShopHQ special segment that will be airing in July. My job was to be behind-the-scenes, capturing footage and taking notes to give you a preview of a day-in-the-life of Dimitri James. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you’ve already seen some of the photos but there are plenty more!

Palm Springs

The day started with the film crew getting footage of Dimitri driving down Highway 111 near his Palm Springs home, as well as riding in the golf cart with his two beautiful Cavalier dogs. I was not there for this fun but I heard some great stories about it and I can’t wait to watch the upcoming show to see this footage!

My day started in Dimitri’s home office where the ShopHQ team was taking B-roll footage (no audio). On a typical day, Dimitri may work from his home office, considering his products and what to offer his customers next, consulting with his team (including his fur babies, Tucker and Drake!), and scheduling trips to ShopHQ for his next segment.

Dimitri in his home office

Dimitri deep in thought

Dimitri James' dog, Tucker

Skinn products

Skinn Flushed Shade & Blush Collection

Becoming Beauty

Dimitri loves jelly belly candy


Since Skinn Cosmetics launches 2 new products a month on ShopHQ, it’s important for Dimitri to have this time to work his beauty magic. He shares that the beauty and energy of Palm Springs inspires him which is why he lives there rather than closer to his Torrance Skinn headquarters. When he commutes into work, it is a 90 minute drive but he insists that living where you love is important for the creative process.

Dimitri’s home is inspiring, beautiful and totally unique. I absolutely fell in love with all the cool decor featured throughout the home. The home was built in the 60’s and has been restored to it’s original condition. The decor embraces both the 60’s era and modern day style. Take a look:

hand chairs


Dimitri's dog, Drake

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Table setting

white piano

piano decor

living room

As beautiful as his home was, the real beauty was in how Dimitri related to people. His family and friends arrived to be a part of one segment for the upcoming special and that was so fun to be a part of! The way Dimitri played with his great niece, loved on his nieces and chatted in Greek with his sister was so sweet!

The following pictures include the Skinn Family:

  • Tina, Dimitri’s sister and Skinn’s customer service manager
  • Donna, Skinn’s customer service rep
  • Kassidy, Donna’s daughter and blonde model for a Flushed palette tutorial (watch for it!)
  • Sophia, Dimitri’s niece and brunette model for a Flushed palette tutorial (coming soon!)
  • Athena, Dimitri’s niece and Skinn’s customer service rep
  • Heidi, Dimitri’s assistant and Skinn Cosmetics’s social media manager
  • Kelly, PR Director for Skinn Cosmetics.
  • The little bitty cutie is Zoey, Dimitri’s great niece (Athena’s daughter).

Dimitri with nieces


Dimitri with Kassidy

Dimitri and niece, Sophia

Skinn customer service manager, Tina and Daughters

Skinn customer service rep, Donna and daughter

Heidi and Kelly, Skinn Cosmetics

During the interview process, that will air on ShopHQ in July, I took away some great quotes from Dimitri. I’ll share a few of my favorites but be sure to tune into the show to get the full interview!

Dimitri during interview with ShopHQ

What is special about the Skinn Cosmetics/ShopHQ 6th Anniversary?
The 6th Anniversary is very personal for the customers. Amazing values on product and a time of celebration! Some of our customers have been with us since our first year! Customers will be tuning in to join the party! (NOTE: Expect a couple of REALLY great collections to be offered during the 6th Anniversary celebration!)

How do you do it all? What is your success secret?
I have been given the gift of a lot of energy. Aside from that, I do what I love, I live where I love and I hang out with people I love!

Why are your Skinn customers going to be excited for a day-in-the-life of Dimitri James segment?
My customers are friends. I share my life with them on air. I like that I can invite them into my home so we can all be a little closer!

Dimitri’s passion is to make women feel good about themselves.  He is able to offer high-quality, get-results products for less because he concentrates his efforts and money on developing product that really works.  Skinn Cosmetics stands out from other high-end beauty companies because they “focus on what goes into the jar and how it will make you look, not how the jar looks.”  Skinn Cosmetics also saves money by avoiding high cost marketing.   You won’t find the brand advertised in costly magazines or sold in expensive retails shops. Instead, the brand is offered on live televised home shopping shows and in private spas.  This philosophy allows the company to invest in product research and production. Read more about their company concept on

Tammy and Dimitri

By the end of the day, I felt a really connection with the Skinn family. A company is only as great as it’s leader. Dimitri leads Skinn with passion, vision and joy. No wonder the brand is the best selling beauty brand on ShopHQ!

ShopHQ is running an encore visit with Dimitri on June 14 and 15 and a regular visit on June 27-30. Get the full schedule on

Are the Skinn products good? Yes, they are amazing! Dimitri let me sample his personal Lip 6X Balm that is formulated with Volulip and Maxilip, Filling Spheres, Vitamin C, and Revinage. It had a fabulous feel and I love that it hydrates and plumps! It’s on my must-have list!

A care package of products were sent home with me and I am having fun playing with color and experimenting with skin care! Watch for reviews coming soon to A Mom in Red High Heels!


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  1. Audrey Dingess

    I USED YVES ROCHER FOROVER 10 YEARS ALSO WEI EAST BUT ONE DAY I WATCHED SHOPHQ AND THOUGHT LET ME TRY YOUR PRODUCTS, I AM 77 YEARS OLD AND HAVE ALWAYS TRIED TO TAKE CARE OF MY SKIN, but since using your wonderful products my skin look even better, my friends say they can not believe my age, they think I was in my 50s, l love love love you and your wonderful products and the price is great since I am on ss. Thank you so much because you really care. Hugs and kisses. Audrey