Forgive me for being late, I’ve been out of the country, but I wanted to address the issue of Sarah Palin and her untouched photo on the cover of Newsweek last week.  The uproar is that the magazine has published an untouched photo of Sarah and *gasp*, the woman has pores and…I can hardly bring myself to say it…facial hair.  What has this world come to?  A VP candidate with human features?!

From my very limited experience with TV and my zero experience with cover shots, I do know that your beauty team is of up most importance.  Cameras pick up all the flaws, if you will, and give a little too realistic of an appearance.  After all, meeting someone on the street and stopping to chat, they likely won’t notice a little upper lip fuzz but posting a close-up on a magazine cover for all to analyze is obviously a situation in which your beauty team needs to be present.

Whip out the tweezers or epicare, bring on the concealer.

Sarah has, no doubt, a team of professional beauty and style experts.  Maybe she just isn’t concerned with looking perfect since she knows she’s not. Maybe she’s just too busy running a campaign to stop for a wax.

Sometimes moms have that problem too.  PTA, soccer, church, making lunch, running at home businesses or going to a job and tucking in the kids can get in the way of our own beauty routines.  We can not look picture perfect every day (oh, don’t we wish for the airbrushed affect!) and when we don’t we just have to laugh and leave it for another day.  It’s not ideal but you do the best that you can with the time that you have.

While I don’t think it’s a sin for Newsweek to have left the cover shot untouched, I do think it is biased since they touch up every other cover.  I bet they’ve sold a lot of copies simply for the fact that it is untouched. I think if they left Heidi Klum’s face untouched, she might just have some “flaws” too.  Humans are not, after all, porcelain dolls.

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  1. I love her. What they meant for evil does Sarah Good. She’s a pretty lady – inside and out. It is nice to have someone REAL for a change in the political limelight.

    It only makes the print-media look more evil that they show so much partiality. I bet if the cover was for the other side of the political fence the person would have a halo and a complete retouch.

  2. Tammy

    Unfortunately,the media is biased. Liberal, conservative, left wing, right wing it doesn’t matter. Do your own research and make YOUR own informed decisions. What does matter is that God made us perfect in his image so if a photo is not photoshopped, so what. Real people don’t get photoshopped anyway before leaving the house. It’s what inside that counts.

  3. If I looked like her I wouldn’t care if it was untouched either!

    Hope you had a wonderful time in Paris!

  4. Even untouched…she’s beautiful. It saddens me that she is scrutinized for so much – her family, her looks, etc.

  5. Well, sometimes making a point is more important than a visual impression. What the media thinks is our lack of common sense!! Beauty is skin deep, when you are listening to someone and capture by their find beauty in them! Regardless, of what they may look like from the outside..Yes, it is time for change and time to listen and learn, what we can do if we would only pay attention.

  6. Heidi Klum is a model. She works in entertainment. Its ok if she is retouched and fake. Sarah Palin is a politician. She claims to be honest and wants to be a leader, not a model. There’s a huge difference, and I see no reason for a politician’s face to be retouched.

  7. getalife

    get a life
    who cares one particle about palin
    it’s OVER for her

  8. I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin, but she looks great natural. Why would seeing a flattering picture of a human being be a bad thing. So, she has pores- so do I, what a coincidence.

    It’s more disturbing to see politicians touched up like they are fashion models or something. I wouldn’t be surprised if this pic was retouched though… those teeth look a little too perfect, but who knows- maybe she just got her veneers polished before the shoot.

  9. Where is the facial hair? I don’t see it, whoever wrote this article needs to look again.