A Safer Way To Use Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatments

The information coming in regarding the heated argument over Brazilian Blowout is mind boggling.  L.A. Times covered the story in Sunday’s image section, stating both sides of the controversy quite nicely but ended with a statement I had to question.

L.A. Times writes, “Also be wary if overhead ventilation machines are being touted by a salon as a way to prevent problems from fumes.  Such machines don’t guarantee safety and don’t help if formaldehyde is being absorbed though the skin, experts say.”

First, as pointed out many times over in the comments of older posts by Jordana Lorraine, the keratin treatments should never touch the scalp.  If applied properly, the absorption through the skin should not occur. In the case of the Brazilian Blowout, it is rinsed out during the salon visit, it does not rub on your face, neck and shoulders for 24-96 hours like other smoothing treatments.

Second, ventilation can make a considerable difference in the air quality, whether a treatment does contain formaldehyde, any form of aldehyde or none at all.

Jeff Cardarella, President of Aerovex Systems, Inc. makes this statement on Clean Air Made Simple:

“Aerovex Systems has navigated through the sea of deception, widespread fear, confusion and misinformation as an advocate for hair stylists the last 4 years. My greatest asset is my understanding of the value of backing up what Aerovex Systems says with scientifically verifiable data.

No longer will keratin treatment chemical manufacturer’s be allowed to distance themselves from Chemical Source Capture Ventilation technology. Aerovex Systems has prepared for this battle by first testing it’s Chemical Source Capture System through the services of Schoon Scientific Regulatory Consulting. We are the manufacturer Doug Schoon refers to that he worked with to test for the stylist’s exposure to formaldehyde, in the Salon Today, Ma. 09′ investigative report, “Flat-out Truth About Brazilian Keratin Services“.

Aerovex Systems has been providing both nail technicians and hair stylists with innovative ventilation technologies for over 10 years.

Now that we are clearing the huge misinformation hurdle, our next task is to usher 3 Zone Ventilation into the salon industry. Please assist our continued efforts by informing your valued hair stylists and nail technicians, and making them aware of our efforts.

Aerovex Systems is donating 3 percent of all it’s Chemical Source Capture System sales up to Nov. 21st, to the Breast Cancer Fund. The BCF is the leading national non-profit organization whose sole focus is to identify– and advocate for elimination of environmental and other preventable causes of breast cancer.”

If you choose to continue receiving keratin smoothing treatments at a salon, you are encouraged to consider a salon with a great air filtration system.  If you are a salon owner or stylist, this type of ventilation would be a great addition to your salon for your safety and health, as well as that of your clients.

Find out more about Aerovex Systems and learn how it is designed to absorb and remove Keratin Treatment formaldehyde vapors from the air at aerovexsystems.com.

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  1. Thank you, Tammy, for the the continued coverage of this story as it infolds!

  2. Patty says:

    @ Jordana, so you are truly happy with the aerovexsystem? I also wanted to ask Tammy if you ever got my post about that I had asked the company when they went Formaldehyde free and they said there bottle was like that since Jan 2010 but on one of your post it said they went April 2010 so what is the truth on that.

    Thank you guys for all the info.

  3. Tammy Gibson says:

    Patty, we are told by Brazilian Blowout that the formula went hyde-free in November 09. We did not learn about the change until April ’10. We felt the news was exciting enough to share and did so. Had we known earlier, we certainly would have shared sooner :)

  4. Patty says:

    Oh ok now I get it. Appreciate you clarifying that for me.

  5. What’s Next…, Beware Of Clean Air?

    A letter to the Editor, Alene Dawson, LA Times article “Brazilian Blowout Might Be Dangerous To Your Health”, 10-10-10.

    Dear Alene,

    Sorry, but you have missed the boat on this one!

    We are receiving calls from salon owners who have read this article, and are wary, as you told them to be, of chemical source capture ventilation. By taking a disclaimer written by the legal counsil of a competitor out of context, you have done a disservice not only to the hair smoothing industry, but to the salon industry as a whole. Some investigative reporting! It may have been helpful to have gone to http://www.aerovexsystems.com, or http://www.cleanairmadesimple, read a little, and watched an educational video on 3 Zone Ventilation. Better yet, go to inspiredprevention.org, , and view the latest Breast Cancer Fund video, “Prevention Starts With Us”. Now, you will have done your research. And, maybe now you can write an informative article. And, we will be able to say welcome to becoming part of the solution!

    Solvitur Ambulando con Deo!,

    Jeff Cardarella
    Aerovex Systems Inc.

  6. @Patty I am thrilled with this system! I got the Salon Package, which includes the Chemical Source Capture System for salons, as well as The One That Works room air purifier. I also have an exhaust in my ceiling, which is a good idea for any salon.

  7. antony white says:

    Now that you got all the system in place what about your clients that will be all bald??

  8. liz says:

    @antony, I have yet to meet anyone experiencing hair loss from this. I have however met many people who get this treatment and love it, with no side effects. Myself, my hair is stronger and breaks and falls out far less than before, even my husband has noticed how much less hair is around. I’m not saying it doesn’t have formaldhyde, I’m just saying we aren’t all going bald.

  9. @Antony I have had the system in place for over a year and done hundreds of smoothing treatments in that time, about 75% of which were Brazilian Blowout. I’m pretty sure I would have heard about it by now if they were all bald. Oh and what about the 6 BBs, and three other smoothing treatments I’ve had done on my hair in a little over 2 years?

  10. @ Liz I’m glad to hear you love your hair!

  11. antony white says:

    @Liz and Jordana
    check this link out and don`t tell me those two women are liyng because I don`t buy it.


    Be careful girls it is not safe and stop convincing yourself that it is safe.

  12. BREAKING NEWS: OSHA and HSA confirm Brazilian Blowout is SAFE for clients and stylists! http://www.brazilianblowout.com/new-press


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