ageless fantasy anti-aging perfume

Here is one mom’s thoughts on Ageless Fantasy Perfume.  Does she think it’s worth the $120 investment?  Find out:

A sample of Ageless Fantasy perfume just came across my desk and I have to admit I’ve been fascinated with the concept. This perfume has gotten a whole lot of buzz since it launched, and the concept is that this perfume can make you smell 8 years younger than your actual age, to others. Does it change the wrinkles on your face, the bags under your eyes, the junk in your trunk? No, people just guess that you’re 8 years younger. Okay…..I’m already skeptical. So I smell this fragrance, and it’s a fruity floral concoction that smells exactly like an Escada Limited Edition fragrance or an Herbal Essences shampoo, it’s pleasant enough, very appealing actually. But the fact is that it makes you smell younger because only teenagers can handle/pull off this sugary sweet concoction. It’s not sophisticated, sexy or sultry – it’s your run of the mill, fruity pop fragrance, like something that Paris Hilton would market. You’d almost assume that any person over the age of 40 who was wearing this fragrance would have to have a bit of a screw loose. The packaging is nauseatingly dated and would fit in perfectly if it were 1982. The web site is amateur and contains icky stock photography. I believe that this fragrance was launched by a Father and his two investment banker sons – this makes sense because it is apparent that whoever markets this product knows next to nothing about true perfumery. There is nothing unique or exciting about this perfume except for the price tag – it’s the only juvenile teeny bopper fragrance that sells for $120. Woof. Skip this one and put the $120 toward your facelift, for goodness sake.

Reviewed by:
Jamie, brand new mom of 1

Editor’s Note: I actually had a very different reaction to this perfume but it goes to show how, like all things, not every product fits every woman.  That’s why it’s good to test it for yourself!

If you want to decide for yourself if Ageless Fantasy is a fragrance for you…or not, leave a comment telling me what you’d spend $120 on.  First 10 replies will receive a small sample of the fragrance.

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  1. Oh my gosh – thank goodness! Someone with some sense. I COMPLETELY agree with your new mom Jamie’s review of this god-awful “teeny bopper” fragrance. Good for you, Jamie. I had a review up on my blog with almost the exact same sentiments and got soooo much flack from the creator about it that I just took it down. (much against my conscience)

    It’s so sweet … nothing appealing about the fragrance in my little ole opinion, cannot imagine wanting to wear this at the age of 30 or over (I’m 41). I even had my teenaged daughter, age 15, try it and she couldn’t stand it either. And the price tag? “ridonculous”! : )

    If I’m one of the first 10 to comment (didn’t notice as was so excited to see someone actually had the same thoughts on the fragrance that I did), I’ll pass on the free sample offer – gladly give it to someone else.

    Thanks so much for posting!


  2. Tammy

    Thanks for your comments Roxy! I won’t send you a sample 🙂

    I’m hoping not to catch any flack but the world is allowed to hear opinions, even if less than favorable to the brand. Not every product is for every person and that’s how it should be! We don’t want to walk around as clones now do we??

    Take care! 🙂

  3. NEVER would I spend $120 on fragrance, face cream, makeup..NEVER. Since my computer died this week and has to go back to the manufacturer, I spent my $120 on a 3 week laptop rental – ugh!! I hope this sample fragrance DOES make me smell 8 years younger cuz I really think I aged at least that much this week!



  4. I think I would spend my money on some hot new jeans and a cute top! I love some jeans and a tee to make me feel comfy and still confident. I am super casual I guess, but even as I get older this is still my FAV comfort-zone. I have heard alot about Ageless Fantasy and I would love to find out for myself what it smells like and if I think it provides a sense of youth.
    Until now I had heard positive reviews that it seemed to provide a youthful perk. Honestly, even with great reviews I would NEVER spend this kind of money on a flamingo colored bottle of perfume. (But since a sample is free, bring it on!)

    Even though it got the thumbs down here, I would still like to ‘smell’ for myself. Thanks.

  5. Wow, I totally had a different reaction then Jamie did. I loved it! You can read my review here:

    I have worn it twice to church and on both occassions I have had women come up to me and actually grab me to take a second whiff. One of the ladies is 43 and the other is in her 60’s.

    I think it is a wonderful scent, light, floral, citrus and perfect for summer.

    As for the question: I would spend $120 on …. a new jewelry armoire…of course, it wouldn’t cover the total price but I really really want one so it would go into the piggy bank for a new one.

  6. I forgot to mention that both the ladies at church loved it and asked me the name…and my hubby…well let’s just say he got a naughty smile when he smelled it so he liked it to.

    We need to remember that perfumes smell different on each person because of their own body chemistry. I used to love a Ralph Lauren perfume on a friend and it stunk on me…I ended up giving the bottle away ($65) but I still love the scent on everyone else, lol!

  7. I m so happy that ageless worked excellent for me & it worth every penny. Else I would love to spend $120 in jewelry

  8. I love to spend on cosmetics & definitely perfume is not an exception. Moreover, it’s an anti-age perfume.

  9. At this time I am ready to spend $120 in Ageless. Because this is something special & I’ve never smelt it.

  10. Hey Everyone,

    I didn’t mean to be so controversial on my fragrance post, but I have always felt that honesty is the best policy. I love to let people know when I love a product and I hate to let them know when I don’t like a product…but I do it anyway. I have studied under professional perfumers and am an executive in the beauty industry, so my opinions are the result of ten years in the beauty industry. I always welcome any differing opinions – we were all not created the same! Different strokes for different folks!

  11. Jamie,

    Of course. Different strokes for different folks, and fragrances do smell differently on people – that’s a given. I’m just very grateful you shared your own individual opinion on it, and having the experience you have makes it all the more appealing to hear. Truly, it made me “feel” better about not having liked it. Thought perhaps I was the only one. ; )


  12. Tammy

    We love controversy, Jamie! It gets the conversation rolling 🙂

  13. Jamie,
    I don’t think you were controversial at all. You were honest in your opinion and so was everyone else. Like you said everyone is different when it comes to make up. That’s the fun about blogs…everyone can post their comment. Keep being honest. 🙂

  14. roseanne

    I fully agree with all of you the stuff is a joke and anyone who buys in to this is a fool!

    Best of all the scent is so gross I would take Jean Natay all day long