Rethinking Business Style

I was at a business meeting a couple of weeks ago with a hot little laptop bag that sparkled and shined. Not a boring bag by any means. Another attendee commented that my bag caused her to rethink briefcases. I was happy to have had a positive impact on someone’s style in such a simple way!

Thinking back on that moment, I realized that many women are stuck in the “days of old” when it comes to business style. When you are an entrepreneur you have the freedom to express yourself in a way that “Corporate America” does not allow. Embrace it! Find joy in your laptop bag!

Shortly after, I received an email asking if I’d like to review a knomo tote. When I saw the Aurora, I jumped at the chance because this bag could even cross the barriers into Corporate America! Hey, why not carry a beautiful vibrant pink bag into the starch office building? It will add a smile to your face!

Rethink your business style, including your tech bag. Are you representing your true self? If the answer is no, check the selection at for classy, stylish bags. FYI, the Aurora bag in Dragonfly is absolutely perfect to mix with your fall wardrobe if you are not a pink kind-of girl!

BONUS: This tote would also make an awesome baby bag, just incase you need that option, because of the way it expands!

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