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Make every day a great hair day with Global Keratin’s technologically advanced keratin-based hair care products.

Yesterday I drove to Santa Monica to meet with my personal Keratin Hair Treatment expert, Jordana Lorraine.  Her mission was to give me smooth, sleek hair that is quick and easy to blow dry.

Over the summer I had a Brazilian Blowout done by Jordana.  This time, I opted to give the Global Keratin Treatment a try.  There are two reasons I went with a different keratin formula:

  1. An experiment in beauty, to see which treatment I prefer
  2. To determine if the GKT is gentler on my eyes.  I had eye irritation with the BB that caused me to tear uncontrollably.  While the Brazilian Blowout does not contain Formaldhyde, it does contain a chemical cousin, also in the ‘hyde’ family, and therefore can cause irritation in some individuals. The GKT is a “hyde-free” product. It contains Propylene Glycol.

As a recap, a Brazilian Blowout takes about 2 hours to complete the treatment.  You walk out with your hair washed and “done”.  After my BB, I could wear my hair in a ponytail, put my sunglasses on top of my head, tuck my hair behind my ear or wash my hair as soon as I chose to.

With the GKT, all of that changed.  While the treatment time was actually less (about an hour and a half total), my hair is still processing and will be for 72 hours.  I can not tuck, pony or wash my hair for 72 hours.  Living in fear of the “dented hair” that might linger due to sleeping on my hair wrong or forgetting and putting my sunglasses on my head was, I’ll admit, distressing yesterday.  However, I did pretty well I think, with only an occasional tucking of the hair.  I had a bit of a bend in the very front of my hair from sleeping on my side but I took a flat iron to it first thing this morning and it is as straight as it was when I left the salon yesterday.  My biggest challenge will be with my bangs.  I should have had Jordana trim them for me as they are driving me C.R.A.Z.Y hanging in my eyes.

Going back to the actual treatment experience, I am pleased with the process.  I had like 10 seconds when I thought my eyes were going to start tearing.  I closed my eyes and it passed.  This is a huge difference from what I experienced with the Brazilian Blowout.

I did get treated in the new Dino-Clark Salon Keratin Treatment room that has a filter system that helps keep the fumes out of the air, thus irritation is reduced.  I applaud Dino-Clark Salon for taking the initiative to come up with a solution to keep their clients comfortable!  The room is genius and to our knowledge, the only one of it’s kind. (UPDATE:  Dino-Clark has closed, and Jordana is now  at Phenix Salon Suites in Marina Del Rey, where she has a private studio suite fitted with an advanced air filtration system.  See it at


Outside the Keratin Treatment room at Dino-Clark Salon in Santa Monica

Keratin Filter at Dino-Clark Salon

Keratin Treatment room with air filter

Of course, I am also extremely happy with the quicker treatment time.  I had to be back home by a certain time so my hubby could head off to work.  I had to relieve him of childcare for my youngest and pick up my oldest from school.  As a busy mom, you know how it is when a salon appointment runs late…it’s practically torture!  Jordana is always professional and quick (especially now that she has a new rockstar assistant!) but with the GKT, she was able to get me out even quicker.  Definitely a bonus for this treatment!

While the jury is still out on which product/treatment I prefer, I am actually leaning toward the Brazilian Blowout, and with the new treatment room and filter, I think I’d have a better experience with it.  With all the benefits of quicker salon time, amazingly yummy smell of the GKT and less eye irritation, I am really questioning the “No Hairwashing” rule for 72 hours.  This week happens to be pretty slow socially but my typical week has me out and about, needing my hair fresh and clean.  I’m not loving the sacrifice of dirty hair for 72 hours enough to pick it over the eye irritation that is short lived during the salon visit. Remember, my hair still has the product in it so while it is soft, it also is weighed down like I didn’t rinse my conditioner out. Today my hair is still soft and looks fine. Tomorrow, I’m not so sure I’ll want to be walking around without a hat on, which, of course I can not do! Saturday, I’ll be hiding from the public eye.

Like I said, I don’t have my mind made up completely.  I still have to wash it, dry it and style it myself before I can make a final decision.  I’ll keep you posted.


My hair in it’s natural state of crazy texture


My hair after the GKT treatment. The treatment is still on my hair and will remain there for 72 hours.

After Global Keratin Treatment

Jordana generously offered me a great discount on my treatment. She’s offering you one too! Receive a $50 discount on either the Global Keratin Treatment or the Brazilian Blowout if you mention A Mom in Red High Heels.  This offer is good through November 30, 2009. You can find Jordana at Phenix Salon Suites in Marina Del Rey, CA.
contact: 310-922-2645

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  2. Tammy

    Talking about can not wait…only 12 more hours and I can WASH MY HAIR! Hurray for that! 😉

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